Pierre Chanliau

Pierre Chanliau began as a news & feature writer for The Direct at the site's launch in 2020. As a longtime reader of superhero comic books, Pierre's knowledge of Marvel and DC is extensive, informing his reporting and editorial pieces regarding the MCU and DCU.

Pierre Chanliau is a news and feature writer for the MCU branch of The Direct. They previously worked as an editor and writer for MCUExchange for nearly two years. They’re currently pursuing a career in the video game industry as a producer or narrative designer, but in the meantime, they're getting paid to write about superheroes. In their spare time, they like to watch Michael Schur shows on repeat while writing fiction that will never get published.

Pierre Chanliau was approached to join The Direct as a writer before the site launched in 2020 based on his prior two years of experience at MCU Exchange and his extensive role as a moderator for the unofficial Marvel Studios subreddit, which had, at the time of his hiring, one million members and boasts over three million today.

His understanding of comics makes him especially adept at writing about the MCU and DCU. Pierre routinely uses his extensive knowledge of comic books to help write insightful features and assist his colleagues in enhancing their news articles.

Before joining The Direct, Pierre graduated from Breda University in 2020 with a Bachelor of Science in Creative Media and Game Technologies. But, he is currently pursuing a Masters in Writing for Script & Screen at Falmouth University.

You can follow Pierre on Twitter (@Pierre_Chanliau) to keep track of his latest thoughts about films, comic books, and the entertainment landscape.

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