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Pierre Chanliau is a news and feature writer for the MCU branch of The Direct. They previously worked as an editor and writer for MCUExchange for nearly two years. They’re currently pursuing a career in the video game industry as a producer or narrative designer, but in the meantime, they're getting paid to write about superheroes. In their spare time they like to watch Michael Schur shows on repeat, while writing fiction no one will publish.

I joined The Direct because of the massive following they already garnered on Twitter that could be turned into a community with the creation of this site. Not to mention writing feature articles that could spark discussion and potentially generate new ideas and thoughts within the MCU community.

Regarding my tastes within the MCU, I juggle a lot of "favorite" movies in my head, but Captain America: The Winter Soldier always comes to mind. Despite it’s weird framing of the CIA as being the better alternative to HYDRA, it’s still a well directed action movie that gives Rogers internal conflict with his core beliefs that organically bleeds into Civil War.

As for my favorite character? Probably Tony Stark. Yes, he's an enormous, anxiety riddled screw up that repeats mistakes that he desperately attempts to avoid and correct. While it could be seen as repetitive arcs for the character, it makes me connect so much with them on a personal level that they continue repeating mistakes, but pushing forward despite it.

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- It really is nice to see Zack Snyder posting himself having so much fun on the set of MAN OF STEEL - to the point that he skateboarded. I hope to see more of this kinda BTS fun from him in the future.

- It's nice to see Warner Bros. Animation still making self-contained movies like this outside their more interconnected animated movies.

- Yes, The Aether being the cause of Jane Foster's cancer isn't an original idea and has been floated around on the internet for at least over a year, but it just makes too much sense and would work perfectly in adapting this part of the character into the MCU.

- It'd honestly be such a shame for the pandemic plot line to be removed entirely. But, I doubt that would have been the only reference in the series.

- I honestly think that this shooting date isn't going to happen. It's just been getting worse and worse in the U.S. and I think Sony will be forced to delayed the production (and likely the release date too.)

- It's really cool to see such a character join the cast for this movie, along what it implies if the previous rumor from Charles Murphy is true. Would be great to see all these weird and different characters interacting with The Rock.

- Man, this article really puts in perspective how many new characters will soon be introduced to the MCU. Heck, if it's even only half of them, that'd still be a lot and this is only for the Disney Plus SHOWS. We still have several movies too, which will introduce even MORE new characters.

- I think it'd be really cool if the DCEU got more tie-in comics. Sure, they might be superficial, but, I dunno, there's something just kinda cool and dorky about there being a tie-in comic connected to the movie you're going to see.

- I actually wasn't a huge fan of this show when it was first announced, but the more and more we've heard and seen from it, the more excited I have been for it. So, yeah, if we get even more unexpected things beyond freakin' time cops? Count me in.

- I seriously cannot think of any other reason why Johnson would be advising for this series. It can't be for the science Bruno does in the comics, since it's all genetics and not very high-concept. It's not Lockjaw, if he does appear, since his power is just teleportation, which is easy enough to explain to the audience. It's just speculation and a gut feeling, but I feel like this is it.

- This actually sounds really, really cool and makes me want to read the original work it was based on, "Gotham Central." It's so interesting to see this series get its own little universe to itself, completely separate from the DCEU and other movies.

- I swear, if Marvel Studios cast Janelle Monáe in the role of Storm, I'd foam at the mouth and collapse.

- My biggest hope for her live-action costume is that, at the very least, it includes a top hat. That's all I'm asking.

- One idea I saw on Twitter is the first half of episodes, inspired by old sitcoms, would be 20-22 minutes long, while the latter half of the episodes are the typical full hour block of 45-50 minutes.

- I very much doubt that Evan Peters will be playing an alternate version of Quicksilver from the Fox movies, but a completely different role. As Charles himself thinks, I think he'll be tapped to play a villain.

- Honestly, I hope this isn't an episode. I feel like three episodes about role-reversals would be too many, since they could do so much more with the idea of alternate realities and scenarios besides one hero just taking the place of another.

- Honestly, I'm incredibly doubtful that they will release BLACK WIDOW on October 28th. Heck, I'm actually a bit doubtful they'll even release in November in the US.

- Would personally rather have a movie than a show, which is likely the case regardless. Plus, having Richard Rider given his due would be a nice change of pace from the comics after being dead for years and having his comic cancelled.

- Personally speaking, I very much doubt that Kevin Feige is going to care whether or not he contradicts AGENTS OF SHIELD, since he never worked on that show, unlike AGENT CARTER. So, I would temper your expectations and not think Chloe Bennet will appear as Daisy Johnson with all the development and history from the show.

- Whelp, this news excites me to no end. Taika Waititi being allowed to venture into unexplored parts of Star Wars lore? Maybe even creating his own? Finally not bound by the Skywalker Saga, their characters, and time periods? There is just no end to the possibilities for this movie that I cannot wait to see it come to light.

- It'd be great to see Peter wording on more homemade devices and equipment now that he'll likely be on the run from the law or worse in his next movie after having his secret identity outed.

- I would personally love to see Ultron again, as that character not being used again seems like wasted potential. Oh, The Avengers facing The Masters of Evil would be really great too, but, have to give the logical conclusion to Kang.

- I actually wouldn't mind them taking a crack at the DEADPOOL franchise, since I personally thought that the last one was lacking a bit. But, I guess it would depend on whether or not Reynolds would want to work with them.

- It's a tad disappointing that this is the title that they chose when MAXIMUM CARNAGE was sitting right there, but maybe they're saving that one for a sequel that has Spider-Man in it too.

- Yeah, they definitely aren't going to have a gathering of more than 100,000 people next year either and would not be surprised at all if that one is cancelled too.

- I cannot imagine Hugh Jackman returning to the role at all, even for a cameo. Which itself would likely be in itself a joke. The actor seems to have too much respect for the character to do that after Wolverine's death in LOGAN put the perfect bookend to his iteration of the character.

- Man, I'm sure glad that this is finally officially confirmed so that people can stop questioning it. Including me. Still felt it was odd that neither Marvel Studios or Sam Raimi ever came forward to officially confirm that those talks bore fruit. Can't wait to see what Sam Raimi does with the character of Doctor Strange.

- I'm just hoping that Marvel Studios will give Sam Raimi as much creative control as they have given to Taika Waititi. It would be really great to see Raimi's dynamic and trademark camera work in this sequel. Which I believe would work to amazing effect with a character like Doctor Strange.

- I actually believe that Captain Marvel will end up leading an incarnation of The Ultimates instead, while it's Wilson who will lead The Avengers as the new and rightful Captain America.

- This honestly feels more like her having a goof with her fans more than anything, but WANDAVISION being pushed back a year to March makes sense, especially since it was originally going to release next year anyway.

- It would be a good call not to have The Fantastic Four make their first appearance in this movie. Having them make their first appearance in their own movie is far more appropriate and fitting for Marvel's first family.

- Kind of hoping we see what she was doing between 'Iron Man 2' and 'The Avengers' before she found her new family with The Avengers. Would be an interesting moment in time to visit to see how her character has changed.

- Fun Fact: Jeff Loveness has also written for Marvel Comics, specifically his critically acclaimed Nova series, focused on the original, Richard Rider. Some of his issues even had the younger heroes involved, which could also be a reason why Marvel Studios hired him and give credence to previous rumors about The Young Avengers being involved in ANT-MAN 3.

- This outcome was entirely expected. It's not like they would have released BLACK WIDOW on streaming for just short-term income, when they could have gain so much more in the long-term. Also, it seems almost too appropriate that THOR: LOVE AND THUNDER was moved to just a few days after Valentine's Day.

- Despite earlier reports that say to the contrary, I can't imagine how these production delays won't affect the MCU timeline and slate in some shape or form. Considering that actor and production schedules were agreed upon in advance. Not to mention juggling when these movies would not be released, while avoiding them from eating one another.

- Obviously, I don't believe that actors have much influence over companies like Disney, but it is indicative of people's impatience. It would could actually be different if Scarlett Johansson expressed this same desire considering she's the star, but more importantly, one of the producers for the movie.

- Personally, wish it was a bit higher of a cut for the other executives, but it's nice to see Iger giving up his entire salary. So, that's good at least. However, this also seems to indicate that they aren't going to just dump all their blockbuster movies onto streaming for a quick buck either and are willing to hang on until this is over.

- It's always great to see such clean behind-the-scenes photos like this, especially photos like the last one that imply a scene or interaction we never got to see on screen. But, these two will get the chance to interact a lot more in the Doctor Strange sequel.

- Honestly, as Jenkins herself says, she really dodged a bullet that could have stalled or outright halted her career as a director. Having the confidence to amicably part ways with Marvel Studios has done nothing but benefit her career. But, it was also an important lesson for Marvel Studios to give more freedom and control to their directors; hence the new more comedic and improvisational tone.

- Wow, really tempted to get that Taskmaster hoodie. That design is pretty dang slick, although I wonder what the material feels like.

- Look if she was doing this and NOT posting about it on her social media, that'd still be bad, but at least she wouldn't be saying this to over two million followers. Some of whom might be encouraged by her post to not self-isolate or become even harder to convince because of it.

- Personally speaking, I think Chloé Zhao is a likely candidate to be picked by Marvel Studios to direct the next Avengers movie. She now has experience directing an ensemble cast and blockbuster, along with production going smoothly. She's also garnered praise from Bong Joon-ho, director of 'Parasite', calling her one of 20 emerging directors who will be pivotal to the next 20 years of film.

- No, before you think it, they aren't just going to put this on their streaming service. First, not everyone can see it, since Disney+ isn't even available in half the markets yet, and second, they're not going to upload a $140M+ budget movie onto their streaming service after having a year long theatrical movie campaign for it.

- I'm just glad we might see Carol's best friend adapted into the MCU. Would be great to see Carol have a circle of friends that don't include just Monica since, in the MCU, Carol helped raise Monica since she was a toddler. Kinda complicates that relationship, since it's more familial than a normal friendship.

- I'm personally biased. Marvel Zombies is one of my favorite limited runs by Marvel Comics. It's both sad, introspective, horrifying, and pretty funny. I'd love nothing more than to see this world adapted, even for a small sequence, onto the big screen with Strange fighting for his life against a hoard of zombified superheroes.

- I've always been a big fan of Black Widow's snow-white costume and how simple it is, so I hope that it sees a lot of usage in this movie.

- I could see MODOK being the villain in 'Ant-Man 3' since 'Ant-Man and the Wasp' revolved around everyone attempting to steal Hank Pym's laboratory and quantum technology. Sonny Burch even mentions having arranged buyers for the lab. So, it's possible one of those buyers could have been a revived AIM, especially since their whole M.O. in the comics was stealing technology.