Marvel's Hawkeye Disney+ Show Begins Filming With Subway Scene

By Pierre Chanliau Updated:
Hawkeye in subway car

After Hawkeye's production received a slight delay, Jeremy Renner shortly afterwards indicated that he began training for the role of Clint Barton again and later getting a mold made of his head. Whether the mold is meant for creating his classic Hawkeye mask or creating a prospect replicate of his head for a stunt is anyone's guess. Before anyone could blink, it seemed as if filming for the series had already started, although, at that point, it was more than likely a camera and makeup test.

In New York, flyers began appearing all over, indicating that Hawkeye, know by its working title “Anchor Point,” would begin filming in early December. While it was unknown whether the cast would be present for these shoots, Jeremy Renner indicated that he would be in New York during that same time on his Instagram Stories. Now, fans have their first glimpse at Hawkeye's filming, although they may be disappointed by the view or lack thereof.


The same Chris Welch of The Verge, who first noticed flyers indicating that production would be taking place in downtown Brooklyn, returned on the day of shooting to find that the production is filming underground in a NYC subway. 


The only time Matt Fraction's Hawkeye, which this series is taking heavy influence from, that takes place in a subway is when Natasha Romanoff chases down Darlene Wright, an associate of the Tracksuit Mafia, in issue #9. However, that chase began in Grand Central Terminal, but it wouldn't be a surprise if production was shooting in this subway station and made it appear as Grand Central Terminal. An even simpler explanation is that they'll have the chase be in any typical subway station in New York.

In fact, this subway scene might have absolutely nothing to do with Matt Fraction's comic run, and production could just be filming any kind of scene in a subway, whether it be a chase scene, coverage, or the actors exchanging dialogue. Whatever may be happening in this subway, it's good to see filming finally begin for the series, and who knows, maybe a bystander will get lucky and get a photo of Jeremy Renner or even Hailee Steinfeld.

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