Hawkeye: Jeremy Renner Reveals First Photo From Marvel Show's Set

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Hawkeye, Behind the scenes photo

Marvel Studios is as busy as ever working up to the imminent debut of Phase 4 in January 2021, kicking things off with the release of WandaVision on Disney+ . There are currently a handful of MCU movies and series that have already completed filming and/or post-production work, and other projects like Spider-Man 3 and the Disney+ series Ms. Marvel are now deep into shooting.

That being said, the MCU’s Phase 4 is barely halfway into all of the future projects starting up, which means more news will be arriving quite often over the next few months. One of those new updates has just arrived, signaling the beginning of production for the newest MCU project centered around one of the longest-running stars of the franchise.


Jeremy Renner, the leading man in the new Disney+ MCU series Hawkeye , recently took to his Instagram Stories to share what appears to be the first picture from the set for the series. Renner’s face is wounded and bandaged up, blood dried up from his nose, and the picture includes the incredibly simple caption “Monday’s...”

The full picture can be seen below:

Jeremy Renner Selfie
From Jeremy Renner's Instagram


This is yet another exciting update from the MCU, indicating that at least five new shows premiering on Disney+ are into production right now. The only specific timeframe for Hawkeye’s release is sometime in 2022, with filming likely taking anywhere from four to six months before post-production, but this should be the start of much more news to come from the set of this series.

This will be Renner’s first time as an MCU headliner after playing supporting roles in five previous movies since 2011, with Clint Barton getting more depth to his character than ever before. Reports have pointed to the hero’s hearing loss as a tribute to the comics, and he will spend much of this series serving as a mentor to a young Kate Bishop as she takes the Hawkeye mantle to become a hero herself.

Hawkeye appears to have started shooting , and it will release on Disney+ sometime in 2022.

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