About The Direct Team

Brian is the co-founder, chief executive officer and editor-in-chief of The Direct. He has been creating content for online fan communities while fostering their growth since 2013. Brian attended Lehigh University, which is where he met The Direct's co-founder, Jack, and graduated from the school with a Civil Engineering degree in 2019. He has an extreme passion for creating and facilitating the creation of all forms of online content that enriches people's lives.(Read More)

Jack is the Co-Founder of The Direct, starting the company with Brian in September of 2019. He is a journalist and CTO for The Direct. He graduated from Lehigh University in 2019 with a degree in computer science. Jack is a huge fan of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, starting his journey with Iron Man and has seen every movie since Iron Man 2 in theaters. Despite this love of the MCU, Jack has not read many Marvel comics. Jack is an avid reader, with his favorite book series being The Wheel of Time, Mistborn, and The Stormlight Archives.(Read More)

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Alycia is a 22 year old writer from the United Kingdom, and has a lifelong love for Video Games.(Read More)

Andrew is a writer for The Direct who has an immense passion for Star Wars. Currently a college student at the University of Central Florida, he studies Human Communication and dreams of writing and directing a Star Wars trilogy of his own one day. When he’s not lost in the Galaxy Far, Far Away, Andrew can be found cheering on the Tampa Bay Rays and New England Patriots.(Read More)

Ben is a Content Lead for The Direct who joined the company in May of 2019. His role consists of writing captions, posting on the respective social media channels, and creating images for The Direct.(Read More)

Benny is a writer for The Direct, having just joined the team in November of 2020. He is also a student at Wesleyan University, working towards a Bachelor of Arts in Film Studies. Passionate about all things film and media related, Benny hopes to consider both (as well as other related subjects) through his work at The Direct.(Read More)

Caitlin is a writer for The Direct, joining the team in March 2020. She graduated from Duke University in 2011 with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology, and in 2016 from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte with a Master of Arts in Clinical/Community Psychology. Caitlin currently works as a college instructor. She has had a lifelong passion for writing, which she one day hopes to turn into a career. Caitlin has loved all things Marvel and Star Wars since she was a kid, and is excited for the opportunity to combine so many passions into one!(Read More)

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David is a writer for The Direct with a passion for the Marvel Cinematic Universe, A Galaxy Far, Far Away, and Sony's Playstation consoles. He graduated from the Florida Institute of Technology where he studied Multiplatform Journalism. David loves to write, watch movies, produce podcasts, and is a major sports junkie.(Read More)

Elliott is a Content Lead for The Direct, and joined the company in May of 2019. He lives in London, United Kingdom and works full-time in the social media industry. He specialises in social media management and graphic design, with his role at The Direct consisting of both as well as overseeing a wide range of content output across all channels. He graduated from university with a Football Business and Media degree and has an ever-lasting passion for various sports, especially football. He is also the Founder and Content Lead at utdreport, a Manchester United based social network.(Read More)

Evan covers video games as a writer for The Direct. As a graduate of Grand Valley State University with a Bachelor of Science in Public Relations, he has worked with the media in the past and is now trying his hand at being a part of the media.(Read More)

Jack loves covering video games. He studied journalism and communication at the University of Massachusetts Amherst and professional communication at Clark University. He recently finished his capstone research thesis, which focused on video games' various practical applications beyond entertainment. He also co-hosts several podcasts with his friends on the Joy Clicks YouTube channel.(Read More)

Jack is a writer for The Direct who was born and raised in Jacksonville, Florida. He currently attends the University of North Florida and plans to graduate with a Bachelor's degree in Economics and minor in Political Science. Although he has no past experience in the writing/content creation field, he is a passionate Star Wars fan and hopes to illustrate this in his articles. He is a dedicated cinephile and sports fan. After years of expanding his creative abilities through hobbies like tap dancing and exploring new films, he is eager to gain new experience working with The Direct.(Read More)

Jen is a writer for The Direct who deeply enjoys writing, especially about things that she's passionate about. Her non-MCU and Star Wars interests include action figures, sitcoms, and making the perfect peanut butter and banana sandwich. She also does market research, part time.(Read More)

John Ross Bradford is a writer and assistant editor for The Direct who loves all things Marvel. Growing up right as the Marvel Cinematic Universe was first being established created an opportunity for him to grow alongside it, and he still enjoys every piece of it that made the MCU what it is today. John Ross loves to follow the most intricate details that Marvel Studios hides within their work, and analyzing the potential that they hold for the MCU. He also enjoys sharing his passion with others, which he does through a small Facebook fanpage for Marvel that he maintains in his free time.(Read More)

Josh is currently studying Business and Media at UCFB in Manchester, United Kingdom. Massive video games fan ever since the PS2 era. Josh has always had a passion for writing and publishing his own work online, and the opportunity to mix both of these hobbies inspired him to become a writer for The Direct.(Read More)

Julia hails from the Greater Toronto Area in Canada and is a news and features writer for the MCU branch of The Direct. She is currently pursuing a degree in Media Studies and in addition to Marvel loves Disney, DC, TV, theater, and more.(Read More)

Kevin is a content creator for The Direct who currently studies Economics and Political Science at Bucknell University. Kevin hopes to grow and preserve The Direct's reputation through the creation of unique content for its website and social media outlets. While he has a liking for MCU, Star Wars, and DC entertainment, Kevin has a special love for video games.(Read More)

Klein is a gaming writer and editor for The Direct based in Western Canada. He has a background in media, working his days in radio broadcasting. While Klein feels most comfortable with a controller in hand, he also loves spending his time consuming podcasts, taking in a movie, or watching as much NBA basketball as possible.(Read More)

Lauren is a writer for The Direct in Sydney, Australia. She has worked in film, television and streaming and has a Masters degree in screenwriting, (she is also available to write the next Star Wars movie just FYI). Lauren is a fan of all things pop culture and can often be found at theme parks, playing video games, watching too many TV shows or lining up overnight at San Diego Comic-Con.(Read More)

Liam Crowley is a writer for The Direct and the co-creator of The Direct Podcast. The self-proclaimed content machine produces and hosts weekly episodes of the website's first audio show while also scribing as many news and feature articles as he can. Outside of The Direct, Liam currently attends Syracuse University where he studies broadcast & digital journalism and previously served as CitrusTV's Entertainment Director. Music is also a vital part of Liam's life, as he says he cannot write without tunes blasting through his JBL speaker.(Read More)

​​​​​Matt is a writer and content creator for The Direct who has 10+ years of storytelling experience. Matt has a self-proclaimed “unhealthy obsession” with all things Marvel, Star Wars, Sports and Entertainment. If you engage him in conversation about any of those topics, prepare for an earful. He graduated from Ball State University with degrees in both Visual Communication and Social Media Promotion.(Read More)

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Nathan is a writer for The Direct's Star Wars, MCU, and DCU branches. He is currently a journalism student at the University of Tennessee, and his passion for writing is second to none. His obsession with film and television, combined with his love for writing, led him to pursue a career as a writer in entertainment. Nathan loves to spend time outdoors, watching sports, and is even in the process of writing an epic fantasy trilogy.(Read More)

Pamela Gores is an MCU writer and the Managing Editor for The Direct. She recently earned her bachelor's degree in Writing & Rhetoric with a minor in Creative Writing from the University of Central Florida in Orlando, FL. She also works full-time as a Program Advisory Committee (PAC) Coordinator at Full Sail University. She’s written and edited for multiple publications and hopes to use her skills as an editor for a magazine or publishing company one day. When she isn’t typing on her laptop, you can find her listening to The 1975 on Spotify or playing Kingdom Hearts.(Read More)

Pete is a writer for The Direct, versed in Digital Marketing by day and a human Marvel/Star Wars/Sports encyclopedia by night. He’s written for sites like FanSided and discovered his passion for writing via his roots as a fan of the Golden State Warriors, Sacramento Kings, and Oakland* Raiders. When not writing, he’s developing his photography skills, reading a great page-turner, or exploring more of New York City (home of his namesake Peter Parker).(Read More)

Pierre Chanliau is a news and feature writer for the MCU branch of The Direct. They previously worked as an editor and writer for MCUExchange for nearly two years. They’re currently pursuing a career in the video game industry as a producer or narrative designer, but in the meantime, they're getting paid to write about superheroes. In their spare time they like to watch Michael Schur shows on repeat, while writing fiction no one will publish.(Read More)

Richard is a writer and editor for The Direct, specializing in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. He lives in South Lake Tahoe, California, owns a restaurant, loves playing video games, watching movies, and cheering on his LA/Southern California sports teams. Richard has loved the MCU since its inception in 2008, kicking off his writing career in July 2019 before joining The Direct in March 2020. This team is one of Richard's biggest passions, and he's looking forward to everything The Direct has planned for the future!(Read More)

Russ Milheim is based out of Atlanta GA, and gaming is one of his core passions in life. That certainly isn’t his only passion though—you can add Television, Movies, Marvel, Comics, Superheroes, and the Horror genre to the long list of things that fuel him. If Pop culture is involved, you can expect him to be a part of it.(Read More)

Ryan is a writer for The Direct and a current History major at Lake Forest College with a background primarily in academic writing. His love for the Marvel Cinematic Universe is rivaled only by the love he has for sports and his family. Ryan has been a fan of the MCU since its humble beginnings in 2008 and loves what it represents as both an iconic franchise and as a way for people all across the world to be connected through its unparalleled storytelling.(Read More)

19-year-old Computer Science student, Sam, has a passionate love of all things pop culture and has been playing games his whole life going back to the days of the Nintendo Wii. Prior to joining The Direct as a writer and content creator across all branches, Sam has spent years as a Call of Duty YouTuber on his channel, Scorpiolo.(Read More)

Savannah is a writer for The Direct from Goreville, Illinois. Savannah has worked as a freelance writer for various entertainment and travel websites, such as ScreenRant and the TouringPlans Blog, and teaches high school history and government. When she's not wrangling teenagers, Savannah enjoys studying film and politics and planning her next trip to a Disney theme park.(Read More)

Tom is a writer and editor for The Direct who has previously co-hosted a self-described “extremely popular and awesome” film review segment on BBC Radio Berkshire and makes the occasional video compulsively dissecting new film releases. He also really likes Spider-Man. When he’s not scouring the web for hot scoops, Tom enjoys illustrating, hunting down brick-based deals and catching Pokémon.(Read More)

Trey is a writer for The Direct who recently graduated from college with a film and television degree, focusing in screenwriting. It was the MCU that largely inspired him to pursue writing, with Trey hoping to one day write a film as perfect as Avengers: Infinity War. For now, he can be found rewatching The Avengers, and writing articles for The Direct.(Read More)