David Thompson

Writer, Editor, & Podcast Producer

David is a writer for The Direct with a passion for the Marvel Cinematic Universe, A Galaxy Far, Far Away, and Sony's Playstation consoles. He graduated from the Florida Institute of Technology where he studied Multiplatform Journalism. David loves to write, watch movies, produce podcasts, and is a major sports junkie.

Why He joined The Direct

David joined The Direct to cover news he's been reading about his whole life: the movie industry. He hopes to provide clear and concise news about Marvel, DC, and the industry at large, while also producing thoughtful pieces for the more devoted fans. 

Favorite Video Game:

David’s favorite video game of all time is Batman Arkham City. He chose this game because it opened his eyes to how special storytelling can be in this medium. Combine the exceptional story with bone-crushing fighting mechanics and the ability to freely explore, and David had no other choice than Rocksteady’s second Batman Arkham installment. 

Favorite Video Game Memory:

His favorite video game memory is when Fortnite peaked in 2018 and all of his friends and himself would play every day into the wee hours of the night. 


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