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Sam Hargrave has a passionate love of all things pop culture and gaming, meaning he creates content for all five of The Direct's branches. Having spent several years as a Computer Science student in Edinburgh, Scotland, Sam has recently switched lanes into the field of journalism.

Favorite Comic Book Film/Series: The Suicide Squad

James Gunn's DC flick has every Sam loves in a film, from unfiltered R-Rated action and jokes to a loveable cast of characters. In an age of films, series, and games centered around the hero, it's always exciting to flip things on its head once in a while with a story of villains.

Favorite Star Wars Film/Series: The Mandalorian

Having been introduced to the original Star Wars trilogy on VHS at a young age, it's safe to say Sam has grown up with the galaxy far, far away. The bounty hunters and criminal underworld of Star Wars were always among his favorite things in the franchise, meaning The Mandalorian quickly turned into a hit for him, especially after two consistently amazing seasons.

Favorite Game: Marvel's Spider-Man

Marvel and single-player games are two of Sam's favorite things in the entertainment space, so isn't surprising that a well-made title that combines those things would be a hit for him. This game truly had everything to make the player feel like Spider-Man and it even had one of the best wall-crawler stories in history to accompany it.

Why did you join The Direct?

Sam has loved writing since a young age and after several years of studying Computer Science at university, he has now joined The Direct to pursue journalism through his love of gaming, pop culture, and entertainment.

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