Brian Grodzki

Editor-in-chief, CEO, Co-founder

Brian is the co-founder, chief executive officer and editor-in-chief of The Direct. He has been creating content for online fan communities while fostering their growth since 2013. Brian attended Lehigh University, which is where he met The Direct's co-founder, Jack, and graduated from the school with a Civil Engineering degree in 2019. He has an extreme passion for creating and facilitating the creation of all forms of online content that enriches people's lives.

Why I joined The Direct...

I co-founded and joined The Direct to have an opportunity to do something special. I wanted to expand our social media brand comprised of MCU Direct & Star Wars Direct to a much larger scale, and forming a website seemed like the appropriate next step. When I realized that Jack not only had the programming skills for making The Direct, but also the vision for what The Direct could become, I knew that creating this together was a must. With this website and brand of The Direct, I want to build a community for people to share their love about the things which they are passionate about. One of my personal goals is to have a positive impact on as many people's lives as possible, and The Direct will provide me the opportunity to do just that.

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