Brian Grodzki

Editor-in-chief, CEO, Co-founder

Why I joined The Direct...

I co-founded and joined The Direct to have an opportunity to do something special. I wanted to expand our social media brand comprised of MCU Direct & Star Wars Direct to a much larger scale, and forming a website seemed like the appropriate next step. When I realized that Jack not only had the programming skills for making The Direct, but also the vision for what The Direct could become, I knew that creating this together was a must. With this website and brand of The Direct, I want to build a community for people to share their love about the things which they are passionate about. One of my personal goals is to have a positive impact on as many people's lives as possible, and The Direct will provide me the opportunity to do just that.

About The Direct

The Direct is a leading independent entertainment news outlet covering the biggest franchises in pop culture. The Direct reaches over 10 million page views a month on its website,, and millions more on social media. Learn more about The Direct here!

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