First Look at Kit Harington in The Eternals Revealed

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Kit Harington in The Eternals

Set to hit theaters in November of this year, The Eternals has gathered an ensemble cast of actors and actresses ranging from A-list celebrity Angelina Jolie to new-comer child actress Lia McHugh.

Although it’s been announced that the film will span thousands of years of human history while following a modified group of humans being called the Eternals , few details are known regarding what these characters will be experiencing during the movie’s plot. Set photos have already revealed characters like Jolie’s Thena, Brian Tyree Henry’s Phastos, and Gemma Chan’s Sersi , though the pictures provided little insight into the scene which was taking place.

Now, a new batch of The Eternals set photos offer the highly-anticipated first look at Kit Harington’s Dane Whitman and hint at a relationship between his character and another main one.


Photos from the set of The Eternals have surfaced online (thanks to BRMarvelNews on Twitter) that show actor Kit Harington ( Game of Thrones ) in-character as Dane Whitman with actress Gemma Chan in-character as Sersi. The two actors can be seen walking together on a dirt path in a field, both wearing “human” clothes.


While these photos do not directly offer any significant details about The Eternals ’ storyline, they do provide hints into these two characters. Both Harington’s Dane Whitman and Chan’s Sersi are wearing typical, store-bought attire. Concept art has already been released that shows Chan’s Sersi in other-worldly garb, so these set photos may be showing Sersi either prior to her Eternal transformation or in-disguise in human-wear. As for Whitman, his brown jacket attire highly resembles his look on the cover of a Black Knight comic .

These photos of Harington’s Dane Whitman and Chan’s Sersi can give off a feeling that the two characters may have a romantic relationship, though this is purely speculation. Whatever type of relationship these two have, it’s likely to be quite integral to the movie’s overall plot given the major roles that these characters are predicted to have in this film and the overall MCU moving forward.

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