Thor 4: Chris Hemsworth Stuntman Reveals Mjolnir's Return In New Video

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For those following along, Thor happens to be the only original Avenger to be getting a fourth solo outing.  Not even the great Tony Stark got further than his third solo film--branching out from there to be a main/side character in many other films to follow. It's easy to say that even with what little we know about Thor: Love and Thunder, this could be Odinson's most anticipated appearance. 

He deserves it too--seeing as his first two solo outings were both met with lukewarm reactions from their audiences--with Thor: The Dark World almost universally being considered as the lowest point in the MCU. So to see the levels of anticipation for Thor: Love and Thunder as high as they are is quite the turnaround. 

It's going to be hard to go wrong. Taika Waititi is back in the director's chair, Jane Foster will be returning to become her Mighty Thor comic counterpart, The Guardians will be along for (at least some of) the ride--and to top it all of, Christian Bale joins the cast as one of Thor's best and emotionally intriguing villains: Gorr The God Butcher. Fans are always champing at the bit for any additional information about the film that they can find. So a new TikTok post by Thor's stunt double grabbed some attention.  


Chris Hemsworth's stunt double, Bobby Holland Hanton, while presumably training in Australia for the currently filming Thor sequel, posted a now-deleted video on his TikTok showing off his moves as the God of Thunder while set to ACDC's 'Thunderstruck'.

The video started with a roped-up Hanton standing near a stunt matt, Mjolnir in hand. Hemsworth's double starts running toward the matt and, after about three steps, leaps and reaches a superheroic height about 20 feet in the air thanks to his stunt ropes.

 Thor 4 stunts

At peak height, Hanton thrusts Mjolnir forward to hit a hanging box. Soon after, he lands on his feet and intensely stares ahead as the camera zooms in on his body.

 Thor 4 stunts



If there's anything the MCU doesn't have enough of, it's ACDC. Last time we heard them alongside an MCU film was in Spider-Man: Far From Home, and before that, Iron Man's unforgettable entrance in the first Avengers. As great as Led Zeppelin's 'Immigrant' song' was for Thor: Ragnarok's fantastic bridge sequence, it's easy to imagine 'Thunderstruck' taking its place in an alternate timeline. 

The most intriguing aspect of this video (and likely the reason it's been removed from social media) is that Hanton is using Mjolnir instead of Stormbreaker. What does that mean for Thor: Love and Thunder? How did Mjolnir make its way back to Thor after Steve Rogers returned it to its rightful timeline at the end of Avengers: Endgame? Without any additional context, it's hard to even make educated guesses. That being said, it probably isn't a stretch to assume the multiverse might play a factor in Mjolnir's return--given where the MCU is at currently. If the TikTok showed us anything else, it's that Thor will, at some point in the movie, jump and attack in the same grand fashion featured here.

Most importantly, it would seem that Hanton was simply creating a fun, and brief, stunt showcase. It's always awesome to get a sneak peek behind the curtains and see what's happening off of the screen of our favorite films. As they are usually, Bobby is clearly a perfect match for Chris Hemsworth, and his moves just as godly. The amount of training and practice that has to go into a move like that is insane, and seeing something so intricate done so smoothly will never get old. 

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