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Favorite MCU Movie: Captain America: Civil War

The one that stands out for me is Captain America: Civil War because it hit me hard emotionally due to the rift between the Avengers, who I look up to (particularly Iron Man and Captain America). Moreover, I love how fulfilling the airport battle scene is because I get to see a lot of characters fight and exchange quips which definitely feels like a comic book catharsis for me.

Favorite MCU Character: Steve Rogers

My favorite MCU character is none other than Steve Rogers because I love how brave he is in terms of doing the right thing even if odds are stacked against him. His bravery in terms of taking the leap and fighting 'til the end gave me a reason to not give up on whatever life throws at me.

Why I joined The Direct...

I joined The Direct because I want to learn more about the craft and I want to have an outlet where I can showcase my passion for the superhero genre. I'd love to write more about theories that come in to my mind about the upcoming MCU releases and I believe that The Direct is the perfect outlet for that. I think that writing for The Direct will help me become a better writer and I'm excited for the challenge and the thrills when it comes to covering all things related to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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