Jack McBryan

Co-Founder, CTO, Content Strategist

Jack McBryan is the Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer at The Direct. He joined co-founder Brian Grodzki at The Direct in 2019. Jack plays a vital role in driving the success of The Direct through his expertise in software development, search engine optimization, and content strategy.

Prior to joining The Direct, Jack worked at the Rotary and Mission Systems department at Lockheed Martin. He holds a Bachelor of Arts in Computer Science and Engineering from Lehigh University, where he graduated in 2019.

You can follow Jack on Twitter (@McBDirect) to stay up-to-date with his latest thoughts and ideas on the entertainment industry.

About The Direct

The Direct is a leading independent entertainment news outlet covering the biggest franchises in pop culture. The Direct reaches over 10 million page views a month on its website, thedirect.com, and millions more on social media. Learn more about The Direct here!

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