Top MCU News of the Week (May 9th - May 15th)

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Hey Marvel fans, hope everyone is having a good and safe weekend so far. After last week's storm of Marvel Studios news, this week was a bit on the lighter side. The productions of all Marvel Studios productions are still on hold due to the virus, but we did get some good news about production being able to start back up in the UK. Also more good news for UK Marvel fans, it looks like Black Widow will be releasing a week earlier then it was supposed to, for a new release date of October 28th. The Direct writer John Ross Bradford wrote a very interesting article about 7 potential ways Iron Man could return to the MCU, while The Direct writer Richard Nebens also wrote a very detailed summary about all the upcoming Phase 4 movies and TV shows (in lead up to Phase 5 prediction article for next week). 

5. Black Widow Actor Provides More Evidence For Taskmaster's Identity

MCU Cosmic's Jeremy Conrad reported on a recent Instagram live stream from Black Widow actor O-T Fagbenle. There have been a lot of hints and teases about O-T's role in Black Widow, and it is widely theorized that he will be play the villain Taskmaster in the movie. In his recent livestream, O-T and his friend went back and forth teasing his role, with his friend seemingly confirming that O-T Fagbenle would be playing Taskmaster. Read more about our thoughts on this news, as well as quotes from O-T's livestream here.  

4. The Falcon and the Winter Soldier & WandaVision Releases Uncertain

In a recent interview with CNBC, Disney CEO Bob Chapek commented on the release date for the upcoming The Mandalorian Season 2, stating that the company isn't planning on any delay to the hit Disney+ show. Chapek, however, did not comment on other Disney+ titles that were originally set to come out this year, namely The Falcon and the Winter Soldier and WandaVison. This seems to indicate that Disney is still uncertain whether or not they will need to push back the release dates for these titles or not. Tom Drew gives more detailed thoughts about this news here

3. Game of Thrones Director Might Be In Consideration For Captain Marvel 2

Michelle MacLaren, veteran director of critically acclaimed shows such as Breaking Bad, Game of Thrones and Westworld, is apparently on the shortlist for Captain Marvel 2. Coming from insider Daniel Richtman, he states that "Marvel is looking for a female director for Captain Marvel 2 and one name I heard as a possibility was Michelle MacLaren". The fact that Marvel Studios is looking at other directors implies that Captain Marvel co-directors Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck will not be returning for the sequel. For our thoughts on the matter, and Daniel's full quote, read our article here.  

2. Michael Douglas Teases Ant-Man 3 News Soon

Michael Douglas recently had a live Q&A session on Instagram where he mentioned that we can expect news on the upcoming Ant Man 3 "very soon". Not much is known about Ant Man 3 besides Peyton Reed being confirmed to return as the director of the movie, and the film was originally scheduled to begin filing in the Summer of 2021. Listen to Michael Douglas' full Instagram live stream, as well as our commentary on the matter in our article here

1. Rob Liefeld Comments Then Clarifies Thoughts on Deadpool 3

Rob Liefeld was in the news twice this week in regards to the upcoming Deadpool 3 movie. Rob Liefeld, co-creator of the character Deadpool, originally insinuated that Marvel Studios has yet to begin production or planning on Deadpool 3 in any capacity. Liefeld then double downed on that claim later, stating that there is "no movement on Deadpool 3 right now". While Rob's comment sound alarming, there is reason to take his word with a large grain of salt, as Liefeld notoriously left Marvel last October, and thus might not know what is going on at Marvel Studios any longer. Read our thoughts about Rob's original comments here, and our thoughts about his follow up here

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