Deadpool 3: Did Disney Just Secretly Announce a New Release Date?

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One of the main subjects of discussion among fans when talking about Deadpool 3 is its upcoming release date. The Ryan Reynolds-led sequel has long been confirmed to be part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe after the Fox-Disney merger, thus leaving many to believe that it will arrive sooner rather than later. 

However, Marvel Studios made it clear that Deadpool 3 still hasn't been given a release date after revealing its Phase 5 & 6 slate during both Comic-Con and the D23 Fan Expo. Some have speculated that the threequel could arrive in February 2024, considering that pre-production is well underway

Now, another new report may have indicated a disappointing release update for Deadpool 3

Another Confirmed Marvel Delay

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The Hollywood Reporter's Borys Kit shared that an untitled Marvel movie that was previously slated on February 16, 2024, has now moved to September 6, 2024. 

The movie is still unknown, but it's reasonable to assume that this movie will now open the MCU's Phase 6 instead of November 2024's Fantastic Four.

This date has been speculated by many to belong to Deadpool 3, due to the release date still being vacant after Marvel's Phase 5 and 6 announcements and the Ryan Reynolds-led flick actively gearing up for filming. 

A delay could mean that the Merc with a Mouth's MCU debut may need a bit more development time under Marvel Studios.

Why Deadpool 3's Delay is Actually a Good Thing

This latest delay could explain why there is no Deadpool 3 news at this year's San Diego Comic-Con and D23 Expo. While this is somehow disappointing to fans, this development could actually benefit the threequel for a number of reasons. 

Given that Deadpool 3 is a continuation of the Merc with a Mouth's adventure from the Fox universe, it seems that the writers will need more time to smoothly incorporate the character into the MCU. This move is beneficial for all parties involved as it allows the creative team to address any more hiccups in the highly-anticipated transition. 

This also comes after Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige mentioned that the studio wants to elevate Deadpool 3 similar to what it did with Avengers: Infinity War

In addition, this delay also gives more time for the casting department to find which MCU characters fit in the overall premise of Deadpool 3, considering that Rob Liefeld, the character's creator, has been hyping up Avengers cameos for the threequel

A 2024 release timeline also offers an opportunity for Deadpool to be in a prime position to show up in one of the next two Avengers movies that are slated in 2025. 

Hopefully, Marvel Studios will eventually address when Deadpool 3 will actually release sooner rather than later. 

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