Marvel Boss Wants to 'Elevate' Deadpool 3 Just Like Avengers: Infinity War

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Although Marvel Studios unveiled a boatload of information about the Multiverse Saga at San Diego Comic-Con 2022, one major character that didn’t get any shine was Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool. Of course, fans are well aware that Deadpool 3 is in the early stages of development at Marvel Studios, but details largely remain under wraps for the foreseeable future.

Deadpool 3 is in a unique scenario for the MCU, especially being the first franchise formerly owned by 20th Century Fox to be confirmed for inclusion within the MCU. Additionally, the first story details have teased that this will be something of a “fish-out-of-water” story for Wade Wilson as he jumps straight into the MCU from the Fox universe.

With this being Deadpool's third solo movie, fans are certainly expecting it to be his biggest and most jam-packed solo adventure to date, especially now that it's a part of Marvel Studios' ever-growing narrative. And as it turns out, studio president Kevin Feige has that exact strategy in mind, comparing what he wants for Deadpool 3 to his mindset for all MCU threequels.

MCU Boss Teases Deadpool 3's Impact

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Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige spoke with The Hollywood Reporter about how he wants to elevate the MCU's Deadpool 3 to new heights within the MCU.

Noting how Marvel usually swings big with the third movie in each of its trilogies, Feige wants to take Deadpool 3 to the same levels as massively successful movies like Avengers: Infinity War, especially with Ryan Reynolds leading the way:

“How do we elevate it in the way we’ve been able to with Civil War, and Infinity War and Ragnarok?"

The MCU producer also teased how enjoyable it is to be working with Ryan Reynolds on a Marvel project:

"It’s very fun to be in the world of the Ryan Reynolds show.”

Will Deadpool 3 Meet Infinity War Standards?

Marvel Studios has a reputation for bringing third movies that exceed expectations for fans, just as the ones that Kevin Feige mentioned have done over the last few years. Captain America: Civil War pitted two teams of Avengers against one another in an epic battle, Thor: Ragnarok became known as the best-received movie of the franchise, and Infinity War blew fans away when Thanos snapped away half of all life in the universe.

With Feige bringing three MCU giants into the picture like this, what could possibly be in store for Deadpool 3 to have it match that kind of success?

Deadpool 3 is already one of the franchise's most unique outings - it will be the MCU's first and only R-rated franchise, and it's the first MCU movie to have two previous films that definitively take place outside of the canon MCU story. This leaves Marvel Studios with an open palate in terms of how to bring Wade Wilson into his new home, and by the looks of it, ambitions are high for what it could achieve.

More plot details will slowly make their way into the public eye over the coming months as newly-hired director Shawn Levy works with Reynolds and the writing team on how exactly Deadpool slips into this established universe. But with the promise of Avengers cameos and the classic level of comedy for which Deadpool is known, expectations are soaring higher for what the Merc With a Mouth can bring to the table.

Deadpool 3 is in the early stages of development for Marvel Studios.

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