Deadpool 3: Disney Reportedly Sticking With R-Rating For Ryan Reynolds Film

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Deadpool on left with R Rating on right

Ever since The Walt Disney Company acquired 21st Century Fox, fans were left wondering what the future of the incredibly violent Deadpool franchise - which already had two R-Rated movies - would be. Shortly after the purchase and merger, Disney Chairman and CEO Bob Iger said that Disney would continue to make R-rated Deadpool movies.

“We will continue in that business,” promised Iger, adding, “There’s certainly popularity” with those types of films.

Iger hinted that these films won’t be released under the traditional Marvel or Disney banner. The company will make it an effort to ensure it is “carefully branding [R-rated films]…so we’re not in any way confusing the consumer,” Iger said.

Due to no movement in development for a third Deadpool movie, fans began to fear the worst: Either that Disney wouldn't make the film or, potentially worse, they would rate it PG-13 instead. However, alongside the news of Deadpool 3 moving into development with new writers has come potential confirmation of Bob Iger's previous assertion for the franchise moving forward under Disney.


According to sources close to Justin Kroll of Deadline, Deadpool 3 is still expected to be Rated-R like the previous two installments.



It is certainly good news to hear that Disney is sticking by Bob Iger's previous assertion that the Deadpool franchise remaining R-Rated. However, that now leaves many questions regarding the marketing and branding for this third Deadpool movie.

It seems obvious, according to Bob Iger's own words, that Deadpool 3 won't be released under the Disney or traditional Marvel Studios banner. So, it could mean the creation of a new brand specifically for their R-Rated superhero properties? This would be akin to Marvel Comics' creating the MAX Comics imprint targeted to adult readers.

Perhaps the Marvel Knights banner could be revived, which was last used for Punisher: War Zone and Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance. While the latter was PG-13, Lexi Alexander's Punisher movie was deservingly rated-R for its excessive violence and swearing.

It could also mean that other Marvel Studios' productions could end up being rated R, such as Mahershala Ali's Blade.

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