Perfect Dark Reboot: First Trailer Brings Back the Secret Agent Stealth Shooter

By Jack McBryan Updated:
Perfect Dark Picture

Back in 2018, Microsoft founded a brand-new studio, The Initiative, describing it as the world's first 'AAAA' studio. The studio was opened in Santa Monica, led by Darrell Gallagher. After a long wait to discover exactly what Microsoft's so-called 'AAAA' studio is working on, their first title has been revealed...


During The Game Awards, The Initiative revealed their first title, Perfect Dark. The title is set in the universe of the N64 of the first-person secret agent stealth shooter, initially release in 2000, also titled Perfect Dark.


Rumors have been spreading for some time now that the first title from The Initiative would be a Perfect Dark follow up, so this news will come as no surprise to many. While the game was only shown in the form of a cinematic trailer as it is relatively early in development, however, it was described as a first-person secret agent thriller with an “eco sci-fi theme”.in a near future setting. The original title was developed by Rare and Nintendo in 2000 for the Nintendo 64 and has since been ported to the Xbox 360.

As this is coming from a Microsoft first-party studio, this title is extremely unlikely to appear on the PlayStation platform and will instead be exclusive to Xbox and PC, it's unknown as of now if the title will appear on the last-gen Xbox One consoles or will be exclusive to the new Series X/S consoles.

For now, no release date has yet been announced for Perfect Dark.

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