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Warner Brothers
Colin Farrell as Oswald Cobblepot / Penguin
Cristin Milioti as Sofia Falcone
Clancy Brown as Salvatore Maroni
Michael Kelly
Carmen Ejogo
Craig Zobel
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Latest The Penguin (HBO Max) News

DC Announces R-Rating for Robert Pattinson's Batman Spin-off Show

The R-rating for The Batman spin-off series, The Penguin, was confirmed. What could that entail?

By Savannah Sanders -

Warner Bros. Shuts Down Robert Pattinson's Batman Spin-off Show Production

Another super-powered TV series was put on ice because of the ongoing writers' strike.

By Klein Felt -

Warner Bros. Halts Production on Robert Pattinson’s Batman Spin-off Show

Another production has been stopped amid the ongoing Hollywood writers' strike.

By Klein Felt -

Batman Will Appear in These 10 Upcoming DC Movies & Shows

The Dark Knight has a bright future ahead across movies and TV.

By Sam Hargrave -

First Look at Robert Pattinson’s Next Batman Chapter Officially Released

A production teaser offered a first look at the next chapter of Robert Pattinson and Matt Reeves' The Batman.

By Savannah Sanders -

Robert Pattinson's Batman Universe: New Look at Cristin Milioti's DC Character

As filming for The Penguin continues, fans got a new look at Cristin Milioti and others in the show.

By Gillian Blum -

The Batman's HBO Max Spin-off Adds 11th Cast Member

Another actor was added to the cast of The Penguin on HBO Max, marking the 11th addition to the series.

By Gillian Blum -

Robert Pattinson’s Batman Universe Just Cast DC’s ‘Holiday Killer’

Michael Zegen has been cast as Alberto Falcone in HBO Max's The Penguin.

By Russ Milheim -

James Gunn Debunks Robert Pattinson's Batman TV Rumor

DC Studios co-CEO James Gunn shared his thoughts on a theory surrounding Robert Pattinson's Batman.

By Klein Felt -

The Batman’s HBO Max Spin-off Just Teased Its R-Rating

New info suggested that Matt Reeves' Bat-Verse could be headed into R-rated territory.

By Klein Felt -

First Look at Cristin Milioti's Batman Character in Robert Pattinson's DC Universe

New photos reveal a first look at Cristin Milioti as Sofia Falcone in the upcoming HBO Max Penguin show.

By Gillian Blum -

First Look at Colin Farrell’s Batman Return In HBO Max Spin-off Show (Photos)

Colin Farrell was spotted on the set of The Batman spin-off series, The Penguin.

By Savannah Sanders -

Robert Pattinson’s Batman Universe Just Recast 1 Gotham Character

An upcoming HBO Max show, The Penguin, recasted a Gotham-based character from Robert Pattinson's The Batman.

By Russ Milheim -

The Batman’s HBO Max Spin-off Starts Filming (Photo)

Filming for The Batman's HBO Max spin-off series has begun.

By Savannah Sanders -

The Batman: HBO Max Spin-off’s ‘Dark’ Story Teased by Star

The upcoming Penguin series has been teased to tell a 'Dark' story following The Batman.

By Russ Milheim -

Man of Steel Actor Joins Robert Pattinson's Batman Universe

Four new actors have been announced as participating in the upcoming Penguin show on HBO Max.

By Gillian Blum -

Robert Pattinson's DC Return BEFORE Batman 2 Reportedly Revealed

Rumors suggest that Robert Pattinson's next DC appearance could be on HBO Max.

By Lauren Rouse -

The Batman 2 Will Be Set Up On HBO Max, Reveals Director

Matt Reeves hinted at just how connected The Batman 2 and the Penguin streaming series will be.

By Klein Felt -

Robert Pattinson’s The Batman Universe Recasting 1 Character for Upcoming Spin-off

A rumored character in the upcoming Penguin HBO Max series looks like it will be recast.

By Russ Milheim -

New Casting for The Batman HBO Max Spin-off Teases Joker's Return

A new casting for HBO Max's The Penguin revealed a deep cut Batman character with close ties to the Joker.

By Klein Felt -

The Batman Star Spoils Opening Scene of HBO Max's Penguin Spin-off

Colin Farrell shares some new tidbits on his upcoming Penguin-centric HBO Max series

By Klein Felt -

The Batman Penguin Spin-off Receives Promising Update

HBO Max officially confirmed that Colin Farell's Penguin spinoff series has been given a straight-to-series order.

By Aeron Mer Eclarinal -

Robert Pattinson's The Batman Sets Penguin Spin-off Starring Colin Farrell

Colin Farrell will be back as the Penguin in an HBO Max streaming series centered on the character.

By Klein Felt -

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