First Look at Cristin Milioti's Batman Character in Robert Pattinson's DC Universe

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New photos give fans their first glimpse at Cristin Milioti's character in the upcoming The Penguin series on HBO Max.

The next installment in the DCU Elseworlds universe of Robert Pattinson's The Batman, The Penguin will be an HBO Max show focused on the titular rogue, once again played by Colin Farrell.

Filming for the "dark" show is in full swing in New York, with photos of Farrell in full Penguin regalia already surfacing online.

Photos of Milioti on Set

Set photos shared by Just Jared and posted to Twitter by @thebatfilm revealed Cristin Milioti on set for HBO Max's The Penguin, showing fans The Batman universe's Sofia Falcone for the first time.

Milioti can be seen sitting in a car, decked out in white with gold, hooped earrings. She appears powerful and in control, as the last name Falcone suggests her character would be.

Daughter of criminal Carmine Falcone (John Turturro in The Batman), Sofia in the comics takes after her father and is her own caliber of Gotham criminal.

Will Fans See Falcone and Daughter Together?

While the younger Falcone has been confirmed to appear, her father has not been announced for the Penguin's spin-off just yet. But with Sofia potentially a major player in the series, it is very possible fans will see Turturro return to the villain once more.

While The Batman's ending left audiences with a tease promising the Joker, but Carmine Falcone was a loose end left open for future stories. Maybe The Penguin will be the continuation of the Falcone story, be it through Sofia herself or her father too.

The Batman's universe is a great stage for interesting, gritty stories — especially given its classification as an Elseworlds story in James Gunn and Peter Safran's reboot. Falcone — Sofia and Carmine both — lend themselves well to that kind of story.

The Penguin does not have a set release date yet, but when it premieres, it will be on HBO Max.

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