Robert Pattinson's Batman Universe: First Look at Recast Gotham Character

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The Batman, Robert Pattinson as Bruce Wayne, Colin Farrell as The Penguin

The new trailer for The Penguin Max series, which takes place in the same universe as Robert Pattinson's The Batman, gave audiences the first look at a recast villain.

Ahead of the project, it was known that a big-name baddie would be getting recast for the new streaming series. The criminal in question was Salvatore Maroni, who was arrested offscreen before the events of The Batman, and whose arrest by corrupt cops led to the collapse of his criminal empire and the rise of Carmine Falcone.

For the new show, the character will be played by Clancy Brown. He also seems to be playing a far more significant, active role in the proceedings this time around.

First Look at Clancy Brown's Villain in The Penguin

The recent trailer for Max's The Penguin, which can be seen here, gave viewers their first look at Clancy Brown's recast crime boss, Salvatore Maroni.

Maroni is only briefly seen sitting across from Colin Farrell's Penguin in a jail.

The Penguin, Clancy Brown, Colin Farrell, Salvatore Maroni

Not much can be learned from the photos alone, but the villain sure seems entertained at the very least.

The Penguin, Clancy Brown, Salvatore Maroni

The most viewers saw of the character previously was in a single newspaper snippet during The Batman, though his name was mentioned numerous times.

The Batman, Salvatore Maroni
Warner Bros.

The full trailer can be seen below, with Salvatore Maroni featured for a split second at the 1:04 mark:

What Will Salvatore Maroni Be Up to in The Penguin?

Salvatore Maroni's important supporting role in Robert Pattinson’s The Batman, despite never being truly seen, makes him the perfect subject of further exploration for this new television show.

The power vacuum his arrest created was responsible for lots of chaos in Gotham City. It's only fitting that Colin Farrell’s Penguin needs to speak with him as he tries to grab his own foothold in the city’s underworld scene.

But will Oswald Cobblepot be working with Maroni or going against him? It's hard to say currently, as either could make sense.

Either way, anyone familiar with Clancy Brown’s previous work (The Shawshank Redemption, Billions, Invincible) will know that the actor is a great choice for the part. Maybe if things go well for his character, he couldn't even get to show up in The Batman: Part II.

The Penguin is expected to drop on Max later in 2024.

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