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Elizabeth Olsen's 2024 MCU Return Might've Just Been Spoiled by Marvel Actor

When will Elizabeth Olsen return to the MCU? It could be sooner than many fans think.

By Richard Nebens -

Marvel Reveals First Look at 2024 WandaVision Spin-off Show (Photos)

The upcoming Agatha spin-off will bring fans back into the world of witches, straight out of WandaVision.

By Gillian Blum -

Marvel's Phase 5 Movie Slate Announces 4 New Release Dates

After a string of delays, the Marvel Studios Phase 5 slate is looking a little different.

By Klein Felt -

First Look at Joe Locke's MCU Character Revealed (Official)

Fans have their first look at Wiccan in Agatha: Darkhold Diaries.

By Russ Milheim -

First Look at Aubrey Plaza's New Marvel Character Revealed (Photo)

Marvel fans now have their first glimpse of Aubrey Plaza's new MCU character.

By Richard Nebens -

FNAF Movie Director Confirms What Fans Suspected About Mike's True Identity

The Fine Nights at Freddy's movie director finally shed some light on the family lineage Josh Hutcherson's Mike.

By Klein Felt -

Marvel Studios' 4th R-Rated Project Just Got Announced

After exclusively bringing PG-13 projects into the MCU, Marvel Studios is set for an influx of R-rated entries.

By Richard Nebens -

FNAF Movie Theory Reveals Mike's Father's Secret Identity

Who is Mike Schmidt's father in the Five Nights at Freddy's movie? A new theory explains one exciting possibility.

By Aeron Mer Eclarinal -

How Doctor Strange 2 Sets Up WandaVision Season 2 (Theory)

Doctor Strange 2's latest trailer features clues that hint towards a WandaVision sequel storyline.

By Liam Crowley -

Will WandaVision Season 2 Release In the Form of Marvel's New Spin-Off Show?

Just how closely linked are hit Disney+ series WandaVision and upcoming spin-off Agatha: Coven of Chaos? Here's all the evidence and news so far.

By Pamela Gores -

WandaVision Gets Season 2 Announcement from Marvel Star

Where does Marvel Studios WandaVision stand in terms of continuing into a second season?

By Richard Nebens -

Will WandaVision Season 2 Happen? Director Gives Update (Exclusive)

WandaVision Director Matt Shakman has his doubts that a Season 2 will ever materialize.

By Russ Milheim -

FNAF Movie Gets Imminent Online Release Date (Official)

Five Nights at Freddy's inches closer to its official online release date after its theatrical and streaming run.

By Richard Nebens -

FNAF 2 Movie Plans Revealed by Director

Five Nights at Freddy's director Emma Tammi shared her plans for a potential sequel.

By Aeron Mer Eclarinal -

Marvel Studios Will Only Release This 1 Movie In 2024 (Official)

Due to the actors' strike, only one MCU film will be released in 2024.

By Nathan Johnson -

FNAF Movie Producer Confirms What We All Suspected About Bonnie's Appearance

There's been a debate for years regarding the actual color of Freddy's bandmate Bonnie.

By Russ Milheim -

Stranger Things Season 5 Update Delays Release Date Projections

Stranger Things 5 looks like it is coming out later than was initially expected.

By Klein Felt -

Deadpool 3 No Longer Will Be Marvel's Only R-Rated MCU Movie (Confirmed)

Another upcoming MCU movie aside from Deadpool 3 was just confirmed to be rated R.

By Nathan Johnson -

FNAF Movie Makes 3 Key Changes to Golden Freddy from the Game

Golden Freddy appears in the Five Nights at Freddy's movie, but he looks a bit different this time.

By Lauren Rouse -

FNAF Movie Director Sets the Record Straight on Mike & Vanessa's Ending

The ending of the FNAF film featured an interesting choice when it came to Mike and Vanessa.

By Russ Milheim -

Why FNAF Movie's Foxy Animatronic Was an Issue on Set

The Foxy animatronic in the new FNAF movie proved to be quite a challenge to bring to life.

By Russ Milheim -

2025 Blade Movie Gets Concerning Update (Report)

After months of developmental troubles, the MCU Blade movie is reportedly heading back to the drawing board yet again.

By Klein Felt -

FNAF Movie Confirms What We All Suspected About Springtrap's Origin

The Five Nights at Freddy's movie finally confirmed a longstanding theory about Spring Bonnie.

By Aeron Mer Eclarinal -

FNAF Movie's Bad Reviews Explained: 4 Biggest Criticisms

These are the four biggest issues critics have with the Five Nights at Freddy's movie.

By Nathan Johnson -

Top 10 Horror Movies of All Time, Ranked According to IMDB

These 10 horror flicks are considered the best of the best by IMDb users.

By Nathan Johnson -

FNAF Movie Cast: Every Actor & Character Who Appears

The hit horror video game is headed for movie theaters with a star-studded cast.

By Klein Felt -

FNAF Movie Makes 4 Key Changes to William Afton from the Game

The Five Nights at Freddy's movie showcased a different take on William Afton.

By Aeron Mer Eclarinal -

FNAF Movie Makes 4 Key Changes to Mike from the Game

The Five Nights at Freddy's movie adaptation made a few key changes to its main character, Mike Schmidt.

By Pamela Gores -

FNAF Movie Makes 4 Key Changes to Vanessa from the Game

Here are the main changes the FNAF movie made for Vanessa's character compared to her video game counterpart.

By Russ Milheim -

FNAF Becomes Worst-Rated Video Game Movie In 7 Years on Rotten Tomatoes

While video game movies have not had the best luck with critics, Five Nights at Freddy's might be the worst.

By Klein Felt -

FNAF Movie: All 11 Characters from the Game Who Appear

Here is everyone from the original video games who appear in the new movie.

By Russ Milheim -

FNAF 2 Movie: Director Gives Hopeful Sequel Update

Fans of the Five Nights at Freddy's movie might be getting more of the franchise on the big-screen.

By Klein Felt -

FNAF Movie: MatPat's Special Cameo Explained

The Five Nights at Freddy's movie contains a special appearance from MatPat, a famous YouTuber from within the FNAF fandom.

By Lauren Rouse -

FNAF Movie: 6 Biggest Spoilers Explained

Let's breakdown some of the biggest spoilers from the Five Nights at Freddy's movie.

By Russ Milheim -

Marvel's Phase 5 Slate Announces 3 New Release Dates

MCU fans have a new idea about when a trio of Phase 5 projects are rumored to debut.

By Richard Nebens -

Viral FNAF Movie Fight Was Fake: 'We Did It For A Joke'

A fight video that spread like wild fire on social media has just been debunked.

By David Thompson -

FNAF Movie: Peacock Confirms New Release Date & Time Change at the Last Minute

Universal has confirmed a new release date for Five Nights at Freddy's on Peacock.

By Pierre Chanliau -

FNAF Movie Reviews: Critics Share Mixed First Reactions

The reviews are in, and the Five Nights at Freddy's movie seems to be a bit of a mixed bag.

By Klein Felt -

FNAF Movie Gets Worrying Critic Reviews Update

Five Nights at Freddy's tight review embargo window changed, but it's still causing concern for fans.

By Pierre Chanliau -

Will Fall of House of Usher Get a Season 2? New Data Hints at Likelihood

WIll Netflix's newest horror, The Fall of the House of Usher, be back for Season 2?

By Sam Hargrave -

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