Jeremy Renner's Hawkeye Production Reportedly Delayed (Slightly)

By Pierre Chanliau Updated:
Hawkeye from The Avengers reaching for arrow

While every Marvel Studios production and release has been delayed countless times over due to COVID-19, it seems like there's now some light at the end of the delay tunnel. Specifically, Marvel's Disney+ shows, which are easier to film than enormous film productions like Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Ringsseem to finally be back in their production cycles.

Ever since July, it seems like productions have begun to get back into gear, specifically for Hawkeye, which finally received directors with the duo Bert & Bertie, responsible for Amazon's Troop Zero, and Rhys Thomas, director of Comrade Detective.

Additionally, ever since then there has been a slew of casting news for Hawkeye. Not only was Echo heavily implicated to be included in the series as one of the "lead characters," but the potential villain of the series was also rumored with Madame Masque news. Most recently, fans were shown casting for nine additional characters, with two of them likely being a younger Echo and her father.

As for when production itself would begin, it was reported by The Illuminerdi that filming for Hawkeye would start in October, but a recent report says that production has had a slight delay.


In Charles Murphy's own report on Murphy's Multiverse about the most recent casting call for Hawkeye, he noted that production has been delayed from October to November.


Such a delay isn't too significant, considering it was originally meant to begin filming in late-October, according to Murphy, so the series' production will suffer a delay for no more than four or five weeks. If this means making sure that filming is safe for the actors and crew, then it is in everyone's best interest.

Since filming for The Falcon and the Winter Soldier has finished in Atlanta and moved to Prague in the Czech Republic, it only makes sense for Hawkeye to begin filming shortly after their departure. Still, if filming is meant to begin so soon, it's still rather odd that neither Marvel Studios nor trade outlets like Variety or Deadline have announced who will be playing Kate Bishop. Kamala Khan's casting has already been revealed for Ms. Marvel, which will also begin filming in November, so it's only a matter of time until they finally pull the bow-string and announce the actress.

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