Jeremy Renner's Hawkeye: Marvel Casting 9 New Characters For Disney+ Series (Exclusive)

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Kate Bishop, Jeremy Renner as Hawkeye, Hawkeye and Red Wolf from Marvel Comics

Hawkeye was denied his own solo jaunt for the longest time up until it was revealed that he would be receiving his very own Disney+ series.

Little is known about what the show will entail, but comic book character Kate Bishop has been shown to have a prominent role. Hailee Steinfeld has long been rumored to play the character, but nothing official has surfaced surrounding her potential casting.

Several other characters have been rumored to appear in Hawkeye, including the Daredevil character Echo. The villain Madame Masque is also rumored to appear in a supporting role in the series, with Marvel Studios seemingly in the process of casting the character. 

A casting call for the upcoming Ms. Marvel series listed 4 supporting characters for the series, including a prominent mentor figure from the comics.

Now, a similar casting call has surfaced for the Hawkeye series on Disney+, revealing a whopping nine characters for the show...


Hawkeye in Occupy Avengers Comic, Jeremy Renner

The Direct has exclusively learned of a new casting call from Marvel Studios, which features nine characters from the upcoming Hawkeye Disney+ series. Each character is listed with a codename, and all come fitted with descriptions.

First is the character MISHA, who appears to be connected to previously rumored mobsters in the series:

20s – 40s, Male or Female, Eastern European henchman. Speaks with an accent. Strong Supporting/Recurring.

The series appears to have several child characters, with the second listing being for BELLA:

Female, white, 8 years old. Precocious, daring and confident with a sense of humor.

Next is another child character called BRADY, who is a similar age to BELLA:

Male, white, 9 years old. Energetic and sweet.

The next character is titled HEATHER, 

Female, white, Midwestern, 26 years old. Smart & scrappy, does what she needs to in order to survive.

The fifth casting is for a character named ROSE, who is notable due to her casting featuring American Sign Language as part of the description. 

Female, 8 years old, Deaf, Indigenous. Independent, athletic & bright. Small supporting. Please note that the dialogue in the audition scene can be spoken in English or signed in ASL (American Sign Language) if the actor knows that language.

Next is the character titled RICHARD, who, like ROSE, is also an Indigenous character:

40s - 50s yr old male, Indigenous, American. A loving father and fierce protector. 

The seventh casting is named MARY, who is described as being a "no-nonsense" character. 

Female, late 30s - early 40s, open ethnicity. Highly professional & ambitious career woman. No nonsense. Recurring

The eighth listing is named DETECTIVE SHERMAN, who will have a recurring role in the series:

40s, Male, Open Ethnicity, New York City Detective. Recurring 

The ninth and final casting is titled ALEX, who is not locked to a gender:

Female or Male, 30s – 50, a sincere but funny oddball with an obsession for the Fantasy/SciFi genre


MISHA's casting description lines up with a previous casting rumor that suggested a group of Eastern-European mobsters would be featured in the series. This is likely to be the Tracksuit Mafia from the comics, of which MISHA will seemingly be a prominent member. 

HEATHER, BELLA and BRADY all share relatively similar casting descriptions in terms of race and relative age to one another, likely indicating that they are all part of a family. These characters will likely act as other tenets in Hawkeye's apartment, mimicking similar characters seen in Matt Fraction's Hawkeye: My Life as a Weapon comic book storyline.

ROSE being both a deaf and Indigenous points to a potential connection to the rumored character Echo. Perhaps ROSE will be associated with the character in some kind, or in fact be a younger version of the character used for flashbacks. RICHARD shares the same race as ROSE, so will likely be connected to the character in some way, possibly being her father going off of the description.

The featuring of indigenous characters could suggest a connection to the Occupy Avengers, a group that Hawkeye formed with other Native American heroes Red Wolf and Nightshade to make up for killing Bruce Banner. Clint may form a version of this group in the series to atone for his crimes whilst working under the alias of Ronin prior to Avengers: Endgame. If the Occupy Avengers do appear in some form, this could indicate that RICHARD could potentially be the comic book character Red Wolf.

MARY's listing is relatively vague, but her being described as "no nonsense" and the fact that she will have a recurring role could suggest that the character will be Madame Masque. Her description as being an "ambitious career woman" could be a misdirect, actually referring to her skills as a markswoman.

DETECTIVE SHERMAN and ALEX are less clear cut, having relatively little to go off and seemingly no comic book equivalent. DETECTIVE SHERMAN does have a recurring role in the show, so he may be keeping an eye of Clint as he returns under the Hawkeye mantle. ALEX may be another one of the tenets in Clint's apartment, being another person that he has to protect.

Judging from a few of the listings, Hawkeye will seemingly have a prominent focus on familial bonds. As Hawkeye is known for his surprise family reveal in Avengers: Age of Ultron, it makes sense that this would be a thematic through line for his own Disney+ series. Hawkeye was given his family back thanks to the blip, but will this dynamic shift after they discover the living weapon that Clint became?

Hawkeye is currently slated to premiere on Disney+ in 2022.

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