Jeremy Renner's Hawkeye Marvel Series to Feature Villain Madame Masque (Exclusive)

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Madame Masque, Jeremy Renner's Hawkeye

Disney+ will serve as an avenue for fleshing out several MCU characters, and Jeremy Renner's Clint Barton will clearly benefit from the year-old streaming service. The bow-wielding Avenger has been established as a mysterious character with a lot of secrets that even his fellow teammates from Earth's Mightiest aren't aware of. Audiences will soon be exposed to at least some of those untold stories when Hawkeye Disney+ series debuts and gives an in-depth look at Barton and his past.

Plot details of Hawkeye are still being kept under wraps, but the previously revealed working title "Anchor Point" may shed some light on the comic book ties that the show could potentially adapt. Several bits of casting news from the past months may hint at how the narrative may be inspired by Matt Fraction's highly acclaimed "Hawkeye" comic run.

Now, it appears that another intriguing addition is coming to the Disney+ show, someone who will spell some trouble for the MCU's master archer. 


Madame Masque, Kate Bishop, Hawkeye

The Direct has exclusively learned that Madame Masque will appear in a supporting role in Hawkeye. Marvel Studios is currently in the process of casting an actress to play the villain.


The addition of Madame Masque to Hawkeye presents an exciting possibility not just for the show, but for the MCU moving forward. For those unaware, Madame Masque, otherwise known as Giuletta Nefaria, is a skilled hand-to-hand combatant who is best known for her expertise in robotics. Not only that, the villain wears a golden mask to cover her disfigured face, and this mask is capable of deflecting bullets. 

Although she is better known as an Iron Man villain (and occasional love interest of the Armored Avenger) from the comics, Madame Masque has also had run-ins with Barton and Kate Bishop as well. The villain had an encounter with Barton and Bishop in Madripoor, but was ultimately defeated. The Madripoor setting is an interesting prospect considering that the setting has been widely rumored to appear in The Falcon and The Winter Soldier.

Madame Masque and Kate Bishop have had multiple run-ins, eventually leading to the revelation that one of the villain's clients from her illegal operations is Bishop's father. Given the connection of Masque and Bishop from the comics, it will be interesting to see exactly how this translates to the small screen. Based from previous rumors, Barton already has his hands full with the potential inclusion of the Tracksuit Mafia and his brother, Trickshot, in the show. With that said, there's a good chance that the show's inclusion of Madame Masque will act to specifically develop Bishop's character arc in exciting ways.

Hawkeye is planning to begin production within the next few months for a scheduled release in 2022.

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