Ms. Marvel: 4 New Supporting Characters Revealed for MCU Disney+ Show (Exclusive)

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Though Ms. Marvel was not originally part of Marvel Studios' Phase 4 slate, it has become clear that the studio is intent on fast-tracking the upcoming Disney+ series.

The Direct initially reported that Bad Boys For Life directors Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah were being eyed to direct episodes of the series, which was then confirmed in a report by The Hollywood Reporter. Two other directors also join the series, that being Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy and Meera Menon.

Because of this, casting rumors have run rampant as of late, with several key characters being sought after for the upcoming show. Jasjit Williams and Saagar Shaikh are reportedly in talks to play characters in the series, each for the roles of comic book characters Bruno Carrelli and Aamir Khan, respectively. Other supporting characters of Kamala Khan have been listed in other casting calls, such as for the roles of her friend Zoe Zimmer and eventual sister-in-law Tyesha Hillman. 

Now, more new info has emerged that suggest other comic characters will be featured in the Ms. Marvel series...


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The Direct has exclusively learned of a new casting call from Marvel Studios, which lists 4 supporting characters for the upcoming Ms. Marvel Disney+ series, each with their own titled codename.

The first casting is titled SHEIKH, being the sheikh at Kamala's local mosque:

Male, 50-70s, Middle Eastern, he's the Sheikh at the local Mosque. Warm, kind and understanding, he's always there to lend an ear. 

The next casting is titled FARIHA:

Female, 30s, Sudanese, smart and intimidating. She is willing to do whatever it takes to get what she wants, no matter what (or who) gets in her way.

The third casting is titled AADAM:

Male, 30s, Egyptian, Sudanese, Arab, Muslim, he's a big guy, physically intimidating at first glance, but comedic, funny and smart. 

The fourth and final casting is titled AUNTIE RUBY:

Female, Pakistani, 50s-70s, vibrant, spirited and animated. She's always in the know and never at a loss for words.


SHEIKH is likely to be Sheikh Abdullah from the comics. He often acts as an older adviser to Kamala at moments of crisis. His most well known interaction with her was giving her advice about dating and how it relates to her faith. This involves Kamala freaking out over kissing a boy in public, which goes against many values outlined in Islam. Sheikh Abdullah initially feigns panic over the situation, but eventually lends an ear to help Kamala with her struggles. Knowing Marvel's tendency to infuse humor into their properties, there is a good chance that this scene could be replicated for the series.

AUNTIE RUBY is most likely Ayesha from the comics, who is the sister of Kamala's mother Muneeba. Kamala does not have other aunts in the comics, so there is a good chance that there is a fit here.

The other two characters are a bit more difficult to pinpoint in terms of their comic book origin. AADAM may be a tweaked version of the reasonably new comic book character Amulet, who was recently created for the Magnificent Ms. Marvel run. The physicality certainly matches, though Amulet is Lebanese in the comics so that character may not be a perfect fit here. 

FARIHA also does not seem to have an exact comic book counterpart, so she may be an entirely new creation for the show. The likelihood is that FARIHA will be another family member or member of the local community. Alternatively, the casting description is oddly menacing for a supporting character, so it could be the basis for a villain on the show.

From these castings, it is quite clear that Kamala's family and local community will be important within the series' plot. Most Marvel properties tend to avoid the discussion of faith, but it seems that this will be an integral part of Kamala Khan's story, and how this affects her as a hero.

Ms. Marvel is set to premiere on Disney+ in 2022. 

Pierre Chanliau contributed to this report.

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