Hawkeye: Marvel Studios Artist Reveals Full Look at MCU's Kate Bishop

By Richard Nebens Updated:
Jeremy Renner as Hawkeye, Kate Bishop

Marvel Studios is working hard to bring back productions for multiple major projects set to release in Phase 4, even though the official dates may still be in a state of flux. Fans are particularly excited for the studios' new slate of mini-series premiering on Disney+, hopefully starting later this year.

Three of these shows have started rolling cameras with both WandaVision and The Falcon and The Winter Soldier said to be nearly complete and ready for release. The other six announced shows are still much further out, but there are at least rumors starting to arrive detailing news such as casting calls and announcements. In that light, a new image has just be unveiled in full detail to help push the hype along.


Via a new social media post on Instagram, official Marvel Studios concept artist Andy Park shared a full image that he created for the Disney+ mini-series Hawkeye. The image gives a full look at Kate Bishop decked out with her comic book outfit and bow, very reminiscent of the classic image from the comics. A portion of this image had previously been shared on Marvel Studios' Expanding the Universe Disney+ special. The highest-quality version of the full image can be viewed below:

Fans are highly anticipating Kate Bishop's imminent arrival into the MCU, especially with the recent rumor that Hailee Steinfeld could portray her. Her journey with Clint Barton should be one of the most interesting new stories seen on screen as she trains with the current Hawkeye and eventually takes on the mantle herself.

Whether or not she takes this to lead the MCU's Young Avengers is still unknown, but no matter what her future holds, Bishop is going to be an amazing new addition to the franchise that will certainly do some damage as she hones her skills. Hawkeye is hopefully set to begin rolling cameras this October in preparation for release sometime in 2022.

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