MCU's Ms. Marvel Show Set to Begin Filming Later This Year

By Pierre Chanliau Posted:
Ms Marvel and Kamala Khan

Originally announced alongside She-Hulk and Moon Knight as the latest addition to Marvel Studios Disney+ show projects, Ms. Marvel had its production delayed like everything else in the entertainment industry. Before the pandemic hit, it was initially rumored that Ms. Marvel would have begun production this past April , but was then delayed due to still casting for the lead character , Kamala Khan.

Since production had shut down, the search for whomever would play Kamala Khan was put on hold too. But, just last month, it was reported that Marvel Studios began their search again and that production could resume by the end of the summer in Georgia as the state begins to open up again for film productions.

However, it seems like this rumored production start has gained more ground today.


Charles of Murphy's Multiverse has reported that Ms. Marvel is currently scheduled to begin filming in Atlanta, GA in November 2020 and wrap up in March 2021, which was also verified by Discussing Film. This is a three month delayed from the initial report of late-August.


Production will now be beginning near the end of autumn instead of summer. It was also speculated if Marvel Studios had found their starring actresses fast enough, but it seems like their search will last even longer than expected. However, if this production date manages to stick, despite the ongoing and worsening pandemic in the United States, fans should be able to finally find out who will be playing Kamala Khan in the next couple of months.

Additionally, fans should be able to find out who will be cast as her family and if the casting for a character codenamed "Birdman" will turn out to be her first super villain, The Inventor.

Additionally, Charles speculates that due to production being delayed by three months, it's likely that previously rumored or planned production started for the other Disney+ shows like Hawkeye and Loki , will be delayed by three months too. Meaning that Hawkeye could possibly still begin shooting within this year. But, again, this production date could easily change and be delayed due to the virus becoming too much of a hazard for actors and crew, despite safety measures.

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