Marvel Studios' She-Hulk Sets Production for Early 2021 (Exclusive)

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Next to Moon Knight, fans know the least about She-Hulk out of all the upcoming MCU movies and shows. One of the only things known for certain is that the writers finished the show's script several months ago.

Fans have been told that Marvel Studios is reportedly searching for someone between the ages of 26 to 34 and "open to all races" for the titular role. Insider Daniel Ritchman also specified that Marvel Studios is looking for an “Alison Brie-type” to take on the character of Jennifer Walters.

A casting call also pointed to Bruce Banner making an appearance on the show. Mark Ruffalo himself has expressed interest in appearing on the show and that there have been talks. Ruffalo himself said that he'd appear "If we come up with something good, that would be really interesting," which points to something more than a cameo. 

Production for She-Hulk was rumored to begin on July 6 before being postponed by the ongoing pandemic still sweeping the world. Fortunately, The Direct has learned from trusted sources that Marvel Studios has scheduled a new time for when She-Hulk will have cameras rolling.


She-Hulk Marvel

The Direct can exclusively report that production for She-Hulk is set to begin in February 2021. The series is expected to film in Atlanta, GA, following suit of Marvel Studios' other Disney+ projects.


With She-Hulk's development this far along, one can expect an official announcement from Marvel Studios (or at least a credible report) by the end of the year about which actress will portray the MCU's mighty green superheroine.

She-Hulk's early 2021 planned production start also indicates that Marvel Studios is fully back on track of planning and resuming the production side of their Phase 4 series slate after the pandemic halted everything. By early next year, filming for both The Falcon and the Winter Soldier and WandaVision should be well beyond finished and , So, it's likely that other Disney+ shows like Ms. Marvel and She-Hulk will have the opportunity to begin production while others like Loki will resume filming after being forced to stop early this Spring.

From what is currently known, the plan seems to be for Loki and Hawkeye to begin filming in the coming months this Fall, with Ms. Marvel beginning shortly after in November. By the time that Ms. Marvel has finished production in March 2021, She-Hulk will have already been a month into filming.

All that would be left to begin filming on Marvel Studios' announced Disney+ slate is Moon Knight, which was last heard expecting to film in Atlanta, GA this November. However, that was obviously canceled and moved due to the pandemic. Hopefully, sometime before the end of the year, news should come out about when Marvel Studios plans on filming Moon Knight.

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