She-Hulk Disney+ Show Scripts Seem to Be Finished With Writers' Room Ended

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She-Hulk, Disney+

While the world patiently waits for the end of the Coronavirus madness, the devoted team at Marvel Studios continues to work diligently on the future of the mega-series. Even with multiple movies and mini-series forced to halt production to help stop the spread, Phase 4 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe is bigger than any phase to date, with eight movies and eight mini-series set to release in theaters and on Disney+ by the end of 2022.

The Disney+ era is especially intriguing for fans, not only expanding on characters that have been in the MCU for years, but also bringing new heroes to life for the first time on screen.The only series with any filming complete so far are The Falcon and The Winter Soldier , WandaVision , and Loki , with nearly a half-dozen more in their earliest stages of production. Marvel Studios has been known to work on their projects years in advance of their release date, and it appears to be continuing in that fashion for the team's new venture with Disney+. In that light, news has just released on one of these series completing an important stage of its development.


In a release on Twitter , She-Hulk staff writer Dana Schwartz revealed that the script writing for Marvel Studios' series on Disney+ has come to a close. Schwartz gave this specific update on the show in hilarious fashion:


She-Hulk seems to be in the distant future of the Marvel Studios' pipeline, but this is a fantastic update concerning the show's progress. This series has been more highly discussed than almost any in Phase 4, especially considering the studio has revealed no set release date, plot details, or starring actors. It will likely be a while before any of these details come to light, but hopefully the writing being complete will open the doors for much more of the show's inner workings to be sorted out.

Rumors are pointing to Mark Ruffalo making some sort of appearance as Bruce Banner in the series, coming in to help his cousin Jennifer Walters similarly to how he did in the comics after infusing Walters with his gamma-radiated blood. The studio is said to have an idea of the type of actress they are looking for to fill the leading role, but there has not been one specific actress attached to the series as of now.

She-Hulk is set to be led by showrunner Jessica Gao and has no set cast or release date in Marvel Studios' Phase 4. The show's filming schedule is also likely to be delayed due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

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