Marvel's She-Hulk Writer Teases Disney+ Day Announcements

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The Marvel Cinematic Universe is currently in the age of introducing new heroes and villains, and one of the upcoming additions is Jennifer Walters a.k.a. She-Hulk

The Marvel hero is set to be introduced in her own Disney+ series, and the character will be played by Tatiana Maslany (Orange is the New Black). Maslany will be joined by MCU veteran Mark Ruffalo, who will reprise his role as Bruce Banner, Tim Roth as The Incredible Hulk's Abomination, and Jameela Jamil as Titania

Plot details for She-Hulk are still being kept under wraps, but Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige described the series as a “half-hour legal comedy," and it will be largely influenced by John Bryne's comics. As for the rumor mill, it was reported that Hulk's son, Skaar, would be involved, but it is still unknown how the character will fit into the narrative. 

Evidence suggests that production has already wrapped for She-Hulk, but Marvel Studios has yet to confirm this milestone. Still, the anticipation surrounding the series is high, especially after Banner's return in the post-credits scene of Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings

Now, it seems that the hype will be dialed up even further due to the latest tease from a Marvel comic book writer.  

She-Hulk News on Disney+ Day?

She Hulk

Dan Slott, a comic book writer known for his work on Marvel Comics like She-HulkSpider-Man, and Iron Man, teased in a tweet that news about the upcoming MCU series could soon arrive during Disney+ Day on Friday, November 12, 2021. 

In Slott's post, the Marvel writer shared how many days are left before Disney+ Day, which then led to a cryptic tease about "whatever [Marvel Studios] is going to show" in their special showcase for its small screen slate during the event. 

The tweet was accompanied by a series of screenshots about the streaming service's big event of 2021: 

"Going back to work.

Just leaving you with this thought...

We are 6 days away from Disney+ Day.

And whatever they're going to show... here."

Disney Day


The First Look at She-Hulk Coming Soon

Given the importance of Disney+ Day, it's reasonable to assume that She-Hulk is one of the Marvel shows that will be pushed to the forefront, and this latest tweet from Dan Slott could further amplify this development. 

Aside from She-Hulk's stellar cast and Feige's comments about the show, no other concrete information has been revealed, but it looks like this will all change during Disney+ Day. 

There's a strong chance that concept art featuring Tatiana Maslany's titular hero could be unveiled, giving fans the first look at the new addition to the MCU. It's also possible that an official still of the actress in costume as She-Hulk could be revealed in the special. 

Marvel Studios could even take it up a notch by showcasing a surprise debut of She-Hulk's first teaser, featuring fresh footage of Mark Ruffalo's Hulk and Jameela Jamil's Titania while also giving fans an overview of the series' tone and storyline. The potential debut of this teaser could also mean that the show's official release date would be unveiled. 

Whatever the case, Disney+ day is expected to push Marvel Studios' small screen slate front and center, and She-Hulk appears to be one of the shows that will surely benefit from that showcase. 

She-Hulk is set to premiere on Disney+ sometime in 2022. 

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