Jeremy Renner's Hawkeye: Evidence Indicates New York City Filming Next Month

By Pierre Chanliau Updated:
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What has become one of the more low-key shows in Marvel Studios' Disney+ lineup, Hawkeye, has become oddly frustrating for fans due to a lack of any announcement regarding the role of Kate Bishop, who still hasn't been officially cast.

One name that continues to pop up is Hailee Steinfeld, most known for her role as Charlie in Bumblebee. Long has she been rumored to have been eyed for Bishop's role and was later reported to have actually signed onto the series but with no confirmation from Marvel Studios.

Way back in June, the working title for the series was reported to be "Anchor Point," likely in reference to the name of a comic volume starring Kate Bishop. Production would be reported to begin in October until it was further delayed to November. Jeremy Renner soon began posting about his training for the role, even implying that they had begun shooting or doing makeup tests.

However, it seems that Hawkeye will officially begin filming in earnest in very early December, so maybe fans will finally get a glimpse of who's playing Hawkeye's eventual successor.


Chris Welch of The Verge has found flyers indicating that Hawkeye, also known by its working title "Anchor Point," will be filming in downtown Brooklyn on December 2.



Fans should hopefully get some clarification on who is playing Kate Bishop in the coming weeks. After Kamala Khan, Jennifer Walker, and Marc Spector were cast over the last several months, that leaves only Bishop as the last lead character without an actor.

At this point, it seems very apparent that Hailee Steinfeld will indeed be playing the part, despite there being a potential scheduling conflict with her Apple TV + series Dickinson, or that her contract with the streaming competitor would not allow it. However, Steinfeld was first reported to be offered the role of Kate Bishop by Variety, a reliable trade, and no other actress has been reported to be approached or rumored since then.

It remains to be seen if Marvel Studios will make an official announcement in the coming weeks or if Steinfeld will be seen on set alongside Jeremy Renner.

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