Hailee Steinfeld Speaks on Being Marvel Hero and Working With Hawkeye's Jeremy Renner

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Hailee Steinfeld, Jeremy Renner's Hawkeye

Somehow, Hailee Steinfeld playing the MCU's Kate Bishop was both the best and worst kept secret of 2020. Rumors of Steinfeld's involvement started swirling not long after the Hawkeye Disney+ series was announced, but no one knew for sure if Steinfeld had actually agreed to the role until photos and videos of her and co-star Jeremy Renner shooting scenes for the show leaked in November. 

Even still, Marvel Studios hasn't said much of anything about the matter past confirming Steinfeld for the role. Following suit, Steinfeld has been elusive and somewhat cryptic about her involvement in the Hawkeye sereis, which is probably a requirement at this point when taking an MCU gig. But the actress has finally spoken out at length about her excitement about the upcoming Disney+ show, saying she's "honored" to be joining the MCU. 


As reported by KICKS 99.1, actress Hailee Steinfeld has finally shared a bit of insight into her experience working on her MCU debut as Kate Bishop in Disney+'s Hawkeye. While speaking to ABC Audio, Steinfeld stated that she is "so, so excited and honored to be part of the MCU," something fans weren't even sure was happening until recently. 

Steinfeld then spoke fondly of her time alongside co-star Jeremy Renner, calling him "wonderful" to work with in the MCU, which according to Steinfeld is "quite a different world" than her experience making the show Dickinson for Apple TV. 

Steinfeld also fondly recalled how her outing as the MCU's Kate Bishop came to be, joking that she and the Hawkeye crew were "just trying to get somewhere" as they were spotted by paparazzi in a New York subway, "and a couple of pictures were taken” which led to the confirmation that Hailee Steinfeld would be playing Kate Bishop in the show. 


Add Hailee Steinfeld to the list of actors and actresses that have nothing but high praises for the way Marvel Studios operates.

Steinfeld showing nothing but hope and excitement as she steps into her MCU role is a great sign, as she's clearly already been in talks with Marvel Studios for nearly a year now. The young actress speaking highly of Renner and the MCU indicate that she admires the world she is stepping into, and values the role she is taking on. 

Considering the extensive crew that seemed to accompany Steinfeld and Renner in the viral New York subway video, Steinfeld is probably just joking about the New York subway not being part of the Hawkeye show. It's admirable how good Steinfeld is already at dodging questions and making light of spoilery on-set situations, but at least fans can be sure that she'll fit right in at Marvel Studios! 

The Hawkeye Disney+ series is currently in production and is confirmed to release in late 2021, where fans will finally get to see Hailee Steinfeld in action as Kate Bishop. 

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