Marvel's Hawkeye: First Look at Hailee Steinfeld as MCU's Kate Bishop Revealed By Set Video

By Pierre Chanliau Updated:
Hailee Steinfeld Kate Bishop

It has been rumored for several months by trades and other outlets that Hailee Steinfeld, famed for her roles in True Grit and Bumblebee, was eyed and subsequently signed onto Hawkeye as Kate Bishop. Months went by without any sort of further confirmation, and this casting news seemed to become doubtful as speculation began to stir that Steinfeld would be unavailable due to a scheduling conflict with Steinfeld's other series, Dickinson.

In the last few weeks, there have been an oddly frustrating amount of hints that Steinfeld did indeed have the role, short of announcing it herself in what could have been a post about her birthday. However, at the most recent shooting for Hawkeye, it has finally been confirmed, definitively, through video footage captured by a bystander, that Hailee Steinfeld is Kate Bishop.


Murphy's Multiverse has managed to acquire the very first footage of Hailee Steinfeld as Kate Bishop on the set of Hawkeye, seen alongside Lucky the Pizza Dog in a Brooklyn subway.

Not only do fans have their first look of Hailee Steinfeld as Kate Bishop, but Lucky the Pizza Dog too, who appears to be an adult golden retriever in this series. In the video, Lucky is seen following Steinfeld diligently into a subway car.

Lucky the Pizza Dog Murphy's Multiverse
Murphy's Multiverse

Update: High-quality images of Steinfeld's Bishop and Renner's Barton on the set have now been released online.


Lucky is first introduced in Matt Fraction's Hawkeye in issue #1, when Hawkeye saves the dog from members of the tracksuit mafia, bringing him to a vet, and then adopting him. Originally named “Arrow” (of all things) according to their dog tag, Clint decided to rename him “Lucky.” However, it is unknown what kind of origin Lucky may have in this series, as it could be entirely possible that Lucky was found and adopted by Bishop instead.

There was a time during Fraction's run that Kate Bishop even left New York for Los Angeles, bringing Lucky along with her. Obviously, that's not what is happening here, but Lucky has had a history of being very close to both Clint and Kate in the comics, with the pup even coming in clutch many times for both Hawkeyes. It will be sweet to see if more photos or videos may emerge, showing Jeremy Renner interacting with the cute pooch.

As for Hailee Steinfeld, there isn't too much to say due to the video's quality, but it seems like she's wearing a trench coat as she has Lucky on a leash. So, only time will tell until fans get to see Steinfeld in Kate Bishop's purple superhero costume, already shown off by Andy Park in August.

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