Hailee Steinfeld & Jeremy Renner High-Res Hawkeye Set Photos Tease Plot of Disney+ Show

By Richard Nebens Updated:
Hailee Steinfeld and Hawkeye concept art

Today has been absolutely monumental for Marvel fans as they get their first real look at the brand new Disney+ series Hawkeye . Multiple new photos and videos have released from the first few days of shooting , not only confirming Hailee Steinfeld's official casting as Kate Bishop, but also showing off the exciting new character Lucky the Pizza Dog.

A new batch of photos has just arrived, giving the best looks yet at the show's leading heroes.


The @CreamOrScream Twitter page has just released a batch of nearly 30 new photos from the set of the new Disney+ series Hawkeye , which is in the early stages of filming right now. The photos from the subway set show off Hailee Steinfeld's Kate Bishop with a bow in her hand, as well as Jeremy Renner's Clint Barton with both Lucky the Pizza Dog on his back and what appear to be hearing aids in his ears, possibly indicating his hearing loss being included in this show.

All 26 new photos can be seen below:

One shot of both actors, two close-up shots of Steinfeld, and one close-up shot of Renner with his back turned.

Four full-body shots of Jeremy Renner as Hawkeye.

Two shots of Hawkeye teaching Kate Bishop some bow & arrow skills and two shots of both heroes running down the subway stairs.

Two shots of both heroes on the staircase, and two shots of Hailee Steinfeld as Kate Bishop.

Two shots of both heroes, and two shots of Steinfeld with Kate Bishop's bow.

Two shots of Hailee Steinfeld with Lucky the Pizza Dog on a leash in one hand and her bow in the other.


These photos show the close-up details from the set videos released earlier today that confirmed Steinfeld's casting. There are still no signs as to what exactly is happening in this scene, although the three appear to be on the run from or chasing an unknown adversary, but this at least is the best look fans have seen thus far at the two leading characters in Hawkeye .

Renner also has a hearing aid in his ear, giving credance to reports that Clint Barton will deal with his hearing loss in this new show just as the character has over his long run in the Matt Fraction-created comics. The confirmation that Marvel is fully into production is an amazing sign for fans all over the world as the MCU's Phase 4 projects move further along into development.

Hawkeye is currently in the early stages of shooting before its currently unconfirmed premiere on Disney+.

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