Hailee Steinfeld's MCU Superhero Suit Revealed in New Photos From Marvel's Hawkeye Set

By Richard Nebens Updated:
Hailee Steinfeld, Kate Bishop Costume

The Marvel Cinematic Universe fandom is currently on cloud-nine with so many pieces of big news to take in. Recent weeks have given the mind-blowing news of castings for Alfred Molina and more in the untitled Spider-Man 3 , along with bunches of behind-the-scenes looks from that movie along with Marvel's new projects set to premiere on Disney+.

Hawkeye on Disney+ has had its fair share of incredible publicity as well, thanks to photo confirmation that Hailee Steinfeld will be taking on the role of Kate Bishop, as has been reported for months. She has also been captured on camera in multiple set photos with both Jeremy Renner's Clint Barton and Lucky the Pizza Dog, and even newer pictures have revealed the first look at Steinfeld in her full superhero attire.


Thanks to a leak from Twitter user @CreamOrScream, new photos from the New York City set of the MCU's Hawkeye give the very first look at Hailee Steinfeld fully suited up in her Kate Bishop superhero costume. She is decked out in combat boots, black jeans and a purple long-sleeved top as she holds her quiver of arrows on her back and her bow in her hand.

These photos can be seen in the tweet below:

Earlier photos from today show Steinfeld with a long jacket over her purple sweatsuit alongside Renner and Lucky. These photos can be seen in the following tweet:


The costume may not be a carbon copy of Kate Bishop’s outfit from the comics, but it certainly looks like a faithful adaptation as she is brought to life in a live-action project for the first time. She is in the classic purple look that she’s pulled off for her entire run in Marvel Comics, and Steinfeld looks as ready as ever to take on the role of master archer.

There is no indication as to when in the series this scene takes place , and there are also no signs as to how long it will be until Kate Bishop becomes a fully-realized hero . No matter how long it takes, fans are already ecstatic to see what she can do with a bow and arrow in her hands. With Hawkeye showing her the ropes as he tries to take on retirement for good, Bishop will undoubtedly be one of the central faces of the MCU for a many years to come.

Hawkeye is currently filming in New York City as it prepares for release on Disney+ either in late 2021 or 2022.

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