Kate Bishop Co-Creator Reacts To Hailee Steinfeld's Marvel Hero Photos

By Pierre Chanliau Updated:
Hailee Steinfeld on the left and Kate Bishop on right

Rumored for months on end by trades and other outlets, it was finally confirmed through set videos that Hailee Steinfeld, most known for her roles in True Grit and Bumblebee, would indeed be playing Kate Bishop, one of the key members of the Young Avengers. As Steinfeld is currently shooting in New York alongside Jeremy Renner, more of her clothes and outfits have been shown off, showing an unsurprising amount of purple in some of them.

However, fans still haven't seen her in a proper costume yet, likely due to them filming earlier parts of the series. But one of the characters' co-creators is still very excited to see them in one, even if it isn't one they designed.


In reaction to the recent set photos of Hailee Steinfield as Kate on the set of Hawkeye, one of her co-creators, Jim Cheung, posted artwork of the character accompanied by a comment showing his excitement for her introduction into the MCU proper.

"It's been cool to see the pics of Hailee Steinfield as Kate, in the upcoming Hawkeye, Disney+ series, this week! I'm excited to see what she'll bring to the character (even if she isn't in this particular costume)!"



It's cool to see creators excited about their creations being brought to life in live-action, similar to how excited George Lucas and Dave Filoni seeing Rosario Dawson in full make-up and costume as Ahsoka Tano. However, from the sounds of his comment, it doesn't seem like they consulted him much on the character, or at the very least, they won't be using her costume design made by Jim Cheung when the character first debuted.

Instead, her costume will more than likely be inspired by her superhero costume in later incarnations, as shown by Andy Park's concept art of the archer. But, hopefully, Jim Cheung was compensated and credited for helping create Kate Bishop and the Young Avengers, when that also inevitably becomes reality down the line.

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