After months of rumors and speculation, set videos from the much-anticipated Hawkeye series confirmed that Hailee Steinfeld would in fact be playing Kate Bishop.

Since then, fans have rejoiced and been treated to even more photos and videos of the Bumblebee actress in action. Set photos revealed two of Kate Bishop's costumes, deviating significantly from the original concept art for the series' design.

Steinfeld herself has shown nothing but gratitude for the role, sharing her excitement for when fans finally get to see her and Jeremy Renner on screen. She has also discussed the development process of the character , promising that Kate Bishop will be "a badass" like her comic incarnation.

The Kate Bishop actress has now spoken a bit more about her role, and how difficult it was to hide her involvement in the series...


In an interview with People , Hailee Steinfeld discussed keeping her role in the Hawkeye series a secret and how quarantine kept her from revealing that she was to play Kate Bishop:

"I guess in a way, it was kind of a blessing in disguise that I didn't and couldn't be around a lot of people, cause that was a hard one to keep to myself."

Steinfeld also teased what Kate Bishop's inclusion entails, saying "she is an incredible character and it's been a really fun journey so far." The Hawkeye star expressed how grateful she is to be working with Marvel Studios, emphasizing how she is "so honored to be a part of this family that is the MCU."


Although Hailee Steinfeld was forced to remain tight-lipped about her involvement in the Hawkeye series, outside forces and a multitude of rumors somewhat spoiled the surprise. Despite this, her casting as Kate Bishop has been met with universal praise from Marvel fans.

Steinfeld has shown to be continuously enthusiastic and passionate about her part in the MCU, with Kate Bishop arguably being her biggest role yet. The Hawkeye actress finding it difficult to not spill the beans about her casting demonstrates even further that Steinfeld is extremely excited about joining the Marvel pantheon. Fans should, therefore, be more excited than ever, as Steinfeld will certainly bring this eagerness and enthusiasm to her performance as Kate Bishop.

The Hawkeye Disney+ series launches on the streaming platform in late 2021.