Hawkeye Season 2 Receives Promising Update From Disney Awards Campaign

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Hawkeye Season 2

Despite the Marvel Cinematic Universe's roaring success on Disney+, Marvel Studios has been hesitant to green light second seasons for its various shows. Leading characters like Wanda Maximoff and Sam Wilson have the opportunity to continue their stories on the big screen in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness and the developing Captain America 4, respectively, while others like Loki Laufeyson and the What If...? crew are getting another batch of streaming episodes.

Despite the futures of those characters being set, one standout duo from Marvel's 2021 Disney+ catalog still has its next steps up in the air: Hawkeye and Kate Bishop.

The pairing of Jeremy Renner and Hailee Steinfeld wowed audiences last fall, with critics especially praising the latter's ability to "steal the show" while others remarked that it was going to "be such a joy to watch her soar." 

Where Steinfeld soars to next is uncertain. Last month, Marvel Studios elected to campaign Hawkeye for the Limited Series category at the upcoming Emmy Awards. Pushing a show toward that particular category axes any possibility of a sequel season, as evident by WandaVision's Limited Series nomination last year.

That said, plans change. With the 2022 Emmy nominations not arriving until July, Marvel Studios still has time to pivot its accolade ambitions, and it looks like it has already shifted things around.

Hawkeye Alters Awards Campaign

Hawkeye Characters

Clint Barton just can't seem to lock down retirement.

Per the official Disney Studio Awards page, Hawkeye is listed as a consideration for "Outstanding Comedy Series" at the 2022 Emmy Awards.

This is a pivot from its placement in the "Outstanding Limited or Anthology Series" category that was reported in April, indicating that Marvel no longer views the show as a single-season limited series, leaving the door open for a Season 2. 

Disney still has Moon Knight listed under the "Limited Series" consideration for that nomination. Loki, which is actively developing its second season, is being considered for "Outstanding Drama Series."

Hawkeye Season 2? Past Disney+ References Could Indicate Yes

Shifting Hawkeye toward the comedy category opens the door for a sophomore streaming installment, but its far from a guarantee.

Both WandaVision and The Falcon and the Winter Soldier are chalked up as one-offs for Disney+, but only the former landed in the "Outstanding Limited or Anthology Series" category at the 2021 Emmy Awards. Anthony Mackie's solo series campaigned toward the "Outstanding Drama Series" category.

Considering LokiHawkeye, and Moon Knight are all being primed for different overall categories, this could be another instance of Disney trying to spread the wealth. Rather than pit Hawkeye and Moon Knight against each other in the same category, the House of Mouse would favor the chance that both shows would walk away with their own award.

At the same time, there are still many more Hawkeye stories to tell. As Clint Barton embraces full-time dad duties, Kate Bishop's archery era is just getting started. With Steinfeld's hero now established, Hawkeye Season 2 could bump her up to the sole lead, with Renner appearing in a limited mentor capacity when it calls for it. Even if Bishop is to stand on her own, it's not like she has any shortage of young avenging friends out there.

Hawkeye's first season is streaming now on Disney+.

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