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Writer, Editor & Podcast Producer

Liam Crowley is a writer for The Direct and the co-creator of The Direct Podcast. The self-proclaimed content machine produces and hosts weekly episodes of the website's first audio show while also scribing as many news and feature articles as he can. Outside of The Direct, Liam currently attends Syracuse University where he studies broadcast & digital journalism and previously served as CitrusTV's Entertainment Director. Music is also a vital part of Liam's life, as he says he cannot write without tunes blasting through his JBL speaker.

I joined The Direct because I believe in entertainment journalism. My passion for entertainment news started with my fandom for the Marvel Cinematic Universe, which quickly spiralled into Oscar-bait films, and eventually propelled me to pursuing a career in the broadcast field.

The MCU has raised me from boyhood. I began watching these films at seven-year-old with Iron Man and have quite literally grown up with each MCU release. This peaked my freshman in college, where I drove 325 miles home to see Endgame with my closest mates at our favorite theatre. These characters and these stories are incredibly special to me, and I want to help ignite that passion with my readers and listeners. With the MCU now being over a decade old, there are some audience members who weren't even born when it began. I see this as an opportunity to help foster fandom within a new generation of MCU viewers. My goals with this platform are to inspire discussions on MCU topics, to create consistent and compelling content, and to have daily interaction with fans on social media.

My favorite MCU movie is Captain America: The Winter Soldier, and I attributes that to it’s gritty, realistic, and political approach to the often fantastical Marvel Universe. Its commentary on the world only gets more relevant with age. I saw this film in theatres opening night when I was just 13 years old, and no matter how many times I revisit it, I still find it magnificently compelling.

While I have many honorable mentions, my favorite MCU character has to be Captain America. Watching Cap's seven-film arc is absolutely fascinating. Some view him as a traditional protagonist, but he is so much more than that. He consistently evolves, from being an obedient boy scout, to a man out of time with no one to trust, to being villified by society for standing up for what he believes in. Through all that, his morals never waver. I attributes many of his proudest personality traits, such as the ability to see the good in people to the commitment to doing the right thing over the popular thing, as traits I learned from Steve Rogers. Some even say I resemble a young Chris Evans, but I would never say that. 

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