Spider-Man: No Way Home: 7 Bold Predictions for Next Trailer (Tobey Maguire, Charlie Cox & More)

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Spider-Man No Way Home Trailer Tobey Maguire Charlie Cox

The wait is almost over.

After months of anticipation plagued by leaks, Spider-Man: No Way Home's long-awaited second trailer debuts this Tuesday at an exclusive fan event in Los Angeles. The trailer will arrive just one month before Tom Holland's third Spidey flick hits theaters, making this a historically last minute final trailer.

While fans already have a decent grasp on what surprises to expect come December 17, Sony Pictures and Marvel Studios have kept the most speculated No Way Home reveals close to the vest. Some shocks will inevitably be saved for the silver screen, but this next trailer will offer at least a few teases to hold fans over for the next couple of weeks.

Without further ado, here are The Direct's predictions for what fans can expect to see in the second trailer for Spider-Man: No Way Home.


Spider-Man No Way Home Bridge

More! Bridge! Scenes!

The Spider-Man and Doc Ock bridge battle began as the money shot of No Way Home's first trailer, but has quickly descended into meme madness.

Up until now, Spider-Man: No Way Home's marketing campaign has revolved around this one highway. Still images, magazine covers, and even the official poster borrow elements from the Iron Spider's tangle with Alfred Molina's Dr. Otto Octavius. Trailer 2 will (hopefully) have much more to offer beyond the bridge battle, but fans should expect a decent portion of this footage to expand upon this tentacled tussle.

After all, Doc Ock isn't the only antagonist in this scene.

Green Goblin

Welcome back, Norman.

After a blatant tease in the first trailer with his signature pumpkin bomb, No Way Home's official teaser poster confirmed the return of Willem Dafoe's Green Goblin. While the poster glimpse of Goblin is hardly a high-definition look, the stars are aligning for Norman Osborn to show face in this second trailer.

Goblin is rumored to have a sizable role in this film, making his placement in the marketing all the more likely. If the second trailer is expanding upon previous material, a spotlighted flyby during the bridge battle feels the most likely.

Beyond seeing Goblin in full glory, a voiceover from Willem Dafoe is another potential way to emphasize his overarching presence. Not many do menacing better than Dafoe, and a chilling "Godspeed, Spider-Man" would set the stage for a sinister showdown.

Electro and Lizard

Spider-Man Electro Lizard

Speaking of villains...

No Way Home's first footage offered the subtlest of teases at antagonists from Andrew Garfield's The Amazing Spider-Man films, but the spotlight was fully focused on Tobey Maguire's rivals. With the first trailer zoned in on iconography from the Sam Raimi-directed trilogy, fans should expect the second trailer to show love to TASM foes.

The multiversal floodgates were first burst open this time last year when Electro actor Jamie Foxx took to Instagram to confirm his involvement in Spider-Man: No Way Home. Aside from some yellow lightning bolts in the first trailer and teaser poster, Foxx's Electro has yet to make his presence felt in No Way Home marketing.

Considering he previously hinted that he "wouldn't be blue in this one," Foxx's Electro feels like more of a need than a want in this trailer. To ensure fans are up to speed before December 17, Foxx's character design change should be established in this trailer.

The same principle goes for Lizard. A reptilian figure shrouded in darkness was spotted in the first trailer, but fans have yet to see a clear look at Rhys Ifans' scaled supervillain.

Rumors have swirled that this Lizard will have a more comic-accurate snout in No Way Home. Following the same logic as Electro, Lizard's inclusion feels essential.


It's coarse and rough, and gets everywhere.

Jokes aside, Anakin Skywalker's complaint about finely crushed rock is highly applicable to Spider-Man: No Way Home marketing. Suspicious clouds of sand have made their way into the first trailer and teaser poster, and it's safe to assume Thomas Haden Church's Flint Marko is not too far behind.

Sandman's inclusion in this film is an interesting one. While he's an adversary for Tobey Maguire in much of Spider-Man 3, he doesn't operate as a traditional blood-thirsty villain. At the end of the day, he's a caring father who made a few mistakes. Bringing him into this second trailer offers the chance to clearly define his motivations in No Way Home


Spider-Man No Way Home Charlie Cox

Matt Murdock

If justice is blind, Peter Parker might just have the perfect lawyer.

Charlie Cox's Matt Murdock has long been rumored to make his official MCU debut in Spider-Man: No Way Home. It's unlikely that fans will see him suited up as Daredevil, but his day job plays perfectly within Spidey's current conflict.

Daredevil as Spider-Man's defense in a court of law began as a fun fan theory and quickly materialized into a legitimate possibility. The first trailer offered a hairy hint of Murdock's off-screen inclusion, but was debunked by an IMAX resolution of the footage. Regardless, momentum around Murdock's presence in No Way Home remains strong. 

Some of No Way Home's biggest surprises will remain a secret after Tuesday, but showcasing the man without fear in the second trailer would be an appealing appetizer ahead of December's main course.

Teases of Andrew Garfield and Tobey Maguire

Spider-Man No Way Home Tobey Andrew

Isn't that the question of the day?

Bringing the three iterations of Peter Parker together in live-action has been a fan fantasy since 2018's Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse showed it could be done. Mix in a not-so-coy reaction from Tom Holland during a Spider-Man: Far From Home press junket when asked about the very possibility, and the live-action Spider-Verse moment has turned into a matter of when, not if.

Andrew Garfield and Tobey Maguire's inclusion in Spider-Man: No Way Home may be Hollywood's worst kept secret. Between coincidental itineraries and familiar stunt doubles, fans have already connected the imaginary dots that both acclaimed actors will don the red and blue spandex next month.

Even if everyone and their mother are expecting Andrew and Tobey to be in the movie, Sony Pictures and Marvel Studios are keen on keeping their inclusion under wraps. For that reason, showcasing them in the trailer feels premature.

That said, the subtlest of teases feels like a legitimate possibility here. It can be an obvious hint, like two silhouettes approaching a helpless Tom Holland, or a very indistinct indication, like three webs shooting simultaneously in a blink-and-miss-it frame.


Spider-Man No Way Home Andrew Tobey

All Three Spider-Men

It's the most desired moment in recent film history. For that reason, the first time fans see Tom Holland, Andrew Garfield, and Tobey Maguire on screen together will likely be saved for the big screen.

Recent rumors suggested that one of the studios was flirting with the idea of including the past web-slingers in this next trailer, but the other pushed back on it. Considering all the other surprises this trailer could bring, showing what will go down as a historic trio shot of all three Peter Parkers in the promotional material feels rushed.

That said, there is still reason to believe it will happen.

The official Spider-Man: No Way Home trailer launch fan event poster promises "BIG SURPRISES." With murmurs about Tom, Andrew, and Tobey all being in Los Angeles, Sony and Marvel could be using this launch event as a way to officially announce their inclusion.

Just imagine it now: Tom's Spidey is overwhelmed by Doc Ock, Green Goblin, and beyond. Right when all hope is lost, Andrew and Tobey swing into frame. The music swells, the Spider-Man: No Way Home title card hits, and the lights in the theater go out. When they come back on, all three generations of Peter Parker are joined together on stage.

Spider-Man: No Way Home's trailer launch event is set for this Tuesday, November 16 at 5pm in Los Angeles, CA.

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