The Flash Leak Reveals Best Look Yet At Ezra Miller's New Superhero Costume

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While it is still over a year away, details surrounding The Flash movie are slowly surfacing.

Early iterations of the film redefined the term ‘development hell,’ but Ezra Miller’s solo flick finally picked up steam when it landed It director Andy Muschietti. The traditional horror filmmaker entered the project in November 2019 and emphasized his plans to adopt key elements of the Flashpoint comic storyline.

The film had a couple of release date delays in the time since Muschietti joined, but the momentum never wavered.

High-profile actors such as Michael Keaton and Ben Affleck were confirmed to reprise their roles as their respective Batmen this past summer along with Sasha Calle joining the cast as Supergirl.

Plot details remain close to the vest, but detailed looks at the ensemble's various costumes have made their way around the internet. Concept art and set photos have showcased both Calle's and Keaton's suits, as well as Miller's Barry Allen in street clothes.

Now, the best look yet at the titular character's new suit has leaked.


Flash Ezra Miller Justice League

The Scarlet Speedster is getting a wardrobe update for his solo film debut.

In a new set photo from @TheFlashDCEUThe Flash star Ezra Miller dons a sleek new costume much more reminiscent of his suit in the comics. The updated threads ditch the armored appearance from Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Justice League in favor of slick material. 

The Flash's new suit emphasizes red as its primary color while also integrating gold trimming where appropriate. The signature gold belt and winged ear-pieces make their return but are much more defined in comparison to the crimson comet's original cinematic costume from 2016.

A glimpse of the suit can be seen in the Tweet below:


With The Suicide Squad debuting soon, it looks like The Flash will pick up right where James Gunn and company left off tonally.

Warner Bros. has made it clear that while it appreciates all of Zack Snyder's contributions to the DCEU, it is looking to move forward without the popular director. This is apparent by both The Suicide Squad and The Flash's color palettes, as they are embracing vibrant shades and eye-popping visuals as opposed to the grittier, noir vibes Snyder brought to the table.

The Flash's new suit is the epitome of this new vision. Just like Margot Robbie's Harley Quinn ditched her tattered 'Daddy's Little Monster' get-up from 2016's Suicide Squad in favor of the traditional red and black suit this summer, Ezra Miller's Flash is leaving the armored attire in the closet and will be rocking sleek crimson and gold threads instead.

The new suit retains key elements from the comics, such as the belt and winged earpieces, while also working in some live-action practicality, specifically seen in the material.

Rather than just don a cloth costume, this suit has a patterned consistency to it. The money piece remains to be seen, that being the lightning bolt emblem, but fans should expect to get a full visual once the marketing campaign begins.

The Flash speeds into theaters on November 4, 2022.

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