DC Confirms New Supergirl For The Flash Movie, Played By Sasha Calle

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After the dismal showing of Justice League in theaters back in 2017, DC had to regroup and find ways to provide a fresh start once again for the franchise. As a result, the next wave of films under the DCEU banner, such as Aquaman and Birds of Preyembraced the standalone nature, and this trend continued with Joaquin Phoenix's Joker all the way to the looming arrival of Zack Snyder's Justice League

At the center of all of this is Ezra Miller's The Flash film. The first solo movie of the Scarlet Speedster is expected to be a deep dive into alternate realities, bringing together every past and present project into a grand multiverse setup. 

Set to debut in November 2022, The Flash will see the return of Ben Affleck's Batman alongside Michael Keaton's Caped Crusader, but plot details about the appearance of the two heroes are still being kept under wraps. Now, it looks like the cast of the film is getting a major addition in the form of another iconic DC powerhouse. 


Deadline shared in a report that The Young and the Restless actress Sasha Calle has been cast as the DC Universe's new Supergirl.

The outlet also pointed out that the Columbian actress is the “first Latina Supergirl ever in DC” and that the character is set to debut in Ezra Miller's The Flash movie.

In a post from Instagram, director Andy Muschietti shared Calle's emotional reaction to her Supergirl casting.


"Been doing a lot of flashbacks lately but today is about a Flash forward."

In the same video above, Muschietti also provided a sneak peek of Supergirl's costume in The Flash, seemingly hinting that the character will have strong ties to Henry Cavill's Man of Steel.

Andy Muschietti
Andy Muschietti's Instagram

Deadline also revealed that there were “over 425 actresses who auditioned” for the role and Muschietti watched all of them alongside DC Film president Walter Hadama. It was shared in the report that they were “blown away” by Calle's “toughness and vulnerability” that she brought to the role. 

Muschietti acknowledged that the talent pool was “truly amazing,” but Calle was the one who stood out as the director admits that she was “destined to play” Supergirl in The Flash

“I saw more than four hundred auditions. The US, Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, Colombia . The talent pool was truly amazing, and it was very hard to make a decision, but we finally found an actress who was destined to play this role.”


On the surface, this is a surprising move for The Flash, considering that no one expected that Supergirl would debut in the upcoming solo flick. Still, it will be interesting to see how the DCEU's Kara Danvers will fit in the multiverse-heavy narrative of the film, and this raises the question if this version of the hero will come from another reality. 

In the franchise's canon, Barry Allen hasn't explored the concept of time-travel and the multiverse yet, and it looks like that the hero's first foray into this otherworldly territory will happen in his solo film. If this is the case, then Supergirl's appearance could present a lot of interesting story possibilities. 

For starters, if Muschietti and the rest of The Flash crew decide to place Supergirl in an alternate Earth, it would be very similar to what the Arrowverse did to Grant Gustin and Melissa Benoist's versions of their respective DC heroes. To recap, Gustin's speedster accidentally traveled to Danvers' Earth while trying to boost his speed, and this essentially started the duo's captivating friendship. 

On the flip side, The Flash could introduce Calle's Kara Danvers as the main Supergirl of the prime Earth of the DCEU, and this could have big implications for Henry Cavill's Superman. Given this story element, there's a good chance that Barry and Kara will form an alliance in the film, with the DC heroine helping the speedster to navigate through the multiverse. By doing this, it's possible (and speculated) that Kara will take over the intended role that was planned for Ray Fisher's Cyborg.

Overall, Supergirl's arrival in the DCEU has been a long time coming, and her introduction could change the landscape of the franchise forever. 

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