The Flash (2023 Movie)

The Flash (Movie) Image

Release Date:
June 23, 2023
How To Watch:
Andy Muschietti
Ezra Miller as Barry Allen
Michael Keaton as Batman
Ben Affleck as Batman
Sasha Calle as Supergirl
Henry Braham
Christina Hodson
Music / Composer:
Benjamin Wallfisch
Barbara Muschietti
Marianne Jenkins
Michael Lerman
Previous Movie:
Black Adam
Next Movie:
Blue Beetle
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The Flash Co-Star Admits Ezra Miller Controversy Has Been Difficult To Watch

The Flash's Iris West actress admitted that watching the many controversies around Ezra Miller has not been easy.

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James Gunn Debunks DCEU 'Reset' Rumor Following New Announcements

James Gunn recently set the record straight on if The Flash will completely reset the DCU or not.

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The Flash Movie: Ben Affleck's Batman Featured on New Merch

Ben Affleck's Batman was featured in new merchandise for Warner Bros.' The Flash.

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New The Flash Movie Trailer Runtime Revealed In Advance

The trailer runtime for DC's upcoming film The Flash has been revealed.

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Why DC Studios' Recast Announcements Will Be Delayed Thru 2023

An explanation for why DC Studios will probably wait until after 2023 to announce its major recasts.

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The Flash Movie’s Surprising Villain Just Got Teased

New merchandise photos revealed the first look at The Flash's surprising villain.

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The Flash Movie: New Official Merch Teases Batman & Supergirl's Roles

New merch for The Flash teased the roles of Michael Keaton's Batman and Sasha Calle's Supergirl.

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Ezra Miller Pleads Guilty Following Felony Burglary Charge

More details about The Flash actor Ezra Miller's controversial case were revealed.

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Every DC Superhero Movie & TV Show Releasing In 2023

The next year will be a busy one for DC, so here is every movie and TV show coming from the super-powered universe.

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Ezra Miller Breaks Silence on Playing TWO Characters In The Flash Movie

Ezra Miller broke his silence about playing two characters in The Flash: "It's all gone wonky."

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The Flash Movie Director Shares New 'Central City' Photo

Director Andy Muschietti shared a new photo from The Flash movie.

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First Look at Ezra Miller's New Flash Costume In Movie Merch (Photo)

New The Flash merchandise revealed a first look at Ezra Miller's super-powered look in the upcoming film.

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Ezra Miller’s DC Future Gets Surprising Update Amid Controversy

The future of Ezra Miller’s time as The Flash might last longer than many previously assumed.

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New Report Reveals Which 2023 DC Movie WB Is Most Hopeful About

A new report shared the DC movie that Warner Bros. most wants to succeed.

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The Flash Movie Will Feature a NEW Justice League, Confirms Director

The Flash director Andy Muschietti confirmed that the Ezra Miller-led superhero movie will reveal a new Justice League.

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Marvel vs. DC: Who Had a Better 2022 In Movies & TV?

Which superhero brand had a better 2022 between theaters and streaming?

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12 Best Actors to Replace Ezra Miller as The Flash

As the DCU heads for an impending reboot, here are 12 actors who could replace Ezra Miller as The Flash.

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First Look at Michael Keaton’s New Batwing in The Flash Movie Merch (Photo)

The design of one of Batman's famous modes of transportation has been revealed!

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The Flash Movie Gets Trailer Update Following Henry Cavill Removal

Audiences got the first update on a new The Flash trailer since it was revealed Henry Cavill's cameo in the film had been cut.

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Dwayne Johnson Rejected Offer to Appear In The Flash (Report)

Dwayne Johnson reportedly turned down an offer to join the cast of The Flash.

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Marvel's 2023 Movie Slate Outperforms DC's in Audience Anticipation Rankings

Marvel Studios upcoming movies in 2023 are currently outperforming DC Comics' projects when it comes to audience anticipation.

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DC Removes Gal Gadot from New Movie After Cancelling Wonder Woman 3 (Report)

Warner Bros. has reportedly removed a cameo featuring Gal Gadot's Wonder Woman from a 2023 movie.

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Henry Cavill’s Deleted Flash Movie Cameo Revealed

New details about Henry Cavill's deleted cameo in The Flash were revealed.

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DC: 10 Upcoming Superhero Movies at Risk of Getting Cancelled

There are 10 upcoming DC projects that could be canceled under the new regime.

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10 Biggest Movies of 2023 Ranked by Box Office Earnings Potential

The 2023 theatrical movie slate is filled with potential big hits from several major studios.

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The Flash Movie's Batman Cameos Receive Exciting Update

Sources are saying that The Flash is testing well, and includes some awesome Multiverse material.

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New Logo for Ezra Miller’s The Flash Movie Officially Revealed

A new logo for The Flash starring Ezra Miller has been revealed.

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Every Superhero Movie Coming In 2023, Ranked by Excitement Level

Every Marvel and DC superhero movie being released next year, ranked by how excited audiences are to see them.

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The Flash Movie Editor Blames Delayed Release on 1 Thing

The Flash's editor narrowed the movie's multiple delays to one specific reason.

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The Flash Movie Reveals First Official Poster Art

The Flash's first poster teased Barry Allen's phasing in his DCEU solo debut.

By Sam Hargrave -

Ezra Miller’s The Flash: New Trailer Gets Disappointing Release Update

Fans waiting for a trailer for The Flash may have to wait a little longer.

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The Flash: Best Look Yet at Michael Keaton's Batman Suit In New Merch (Photos)

New merch shows the best look at Michael Keaton's Batsuit in the upcoming Flash movie.

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DC Flash Fans React to Ezra Miller Recast News With Replacement Hopes

New rumors indicated who will replace Ezra Miller as the DCEU's Flash.

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The Flash 2: Warner Bros. Now Developing Sequel to Ezra Miller Movie

According to new reports, The Flash 2 is in development and the script is already done.

By Klein Felt -

Ezra Miller at Risk of Facing 20+ Years In Prison Ahead of The Flash Movie

The Flash's Ezra Miller is looking at possibly facing at least 20+ years in prison thanks to felony burglary charges.

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Ezra Miller’s The Flash: New Photo Shows Crazy Suit-Up Sequence In Prequel Tie-In

New images from The Flash's prequel comic revealed the hero's incredible suit-up sequence.

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Henry Cavill Superman Sequel Reportedly Now In Development

One industry insider is claiming that a new Superman movie starring Henry Cavill is in development, and Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson is to thank for it.

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The Flash Co-Star Supports Ezra Miller Amid Controversial Allegations

The Flash actress Saoirse-Monica Jackson expressed her support toward Ezra Miller amid the controversy that he is facing.

By Aeron Mer Eclarinal -

How Ezra Miller Reportedly Abused Others Using His Flash Role

New reports detailed how Ezra Miller reportedly abused others using their role as The Flash.

By Savannah Sanders -

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