The Flash Movie Gets Imminent Online Release Date

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Fans now know when they will have the opportunity to watch DC Studios' The Flash online with its initial home release.

To say The Flash was a disappointment in theaters is quite a massive understatement, breaking records that Warner Bros. wanted to avoid at the box office at almost every turn.

Things even got so bad that fans actually leaked the movie in its entirety on Twitter a week after its debut, potentially hurting its box office performance even further as viewers expressed their negative feelings about Ezra Miller’s solo outing.

When To Watch The Flash Movie Online

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Amazon confirmed that DC Studios' The Flash will be available for online purchase on Tuesday, July 18 at 12 a.m. ET, exactly one month after the movie first debuted in theaters worldwide.

This comes after the film had one of the worst theatrical runs of any superhero movie in recent memory, becoming the worst box office flop in Warner Bros.' history.

This now brings up the question of when The Flash will begin its streaming run on Max, which was initially announced to come this fall during a Warner Bros. Discovery event in April for the streaming service.

With the digital release coming so soon, there's a chance that The Flash may actually hit Max before the end of summer or at the start of fall sometime in September.

When Will The Flash Debut on Max?

This upcoming release on Amazon could mean that The Flash will actually hit Max much sooner than most fans anticipated, especially with its theatrical run being such a bust.

For comparison, Shazam! Fury of the Gods had a similarly bad box office haul after its debut in March before becoming one of Max's newest additions on the very day that the service launched its new rebrand.

That movie also got its own online release on Amazon about a month after its theatrical run started, which was then followed by its Max release just about a month later than that.

With all of that considered, fans expect The Flash's streaming debut sometime in September or October, as Warner Bros. Discovery previously confirmed the movie would release on Max in the Fall.

But looking at how unpredictable Warner Bros. has been with its behind-the-scenes practices, along with The Flash becoming such a critical and financial failure, it wouldn't be shocking to see that date come sooner rather than later.

The Flash is still playing in theaters worldwide, and it will be available for purchase on Amazon on Tuesday, July 18.

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