The Flash Movie Just Got Leaked In Its Entirety on Twitter

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The full movie of DC's The Flash leaked on Twitter.

From set photos of Sasha Calle's Supergirl surfacing in the early days of production to Nicolas Cage's Superman cameo being revealed ahead of time, The Flash has been no stranger to massive leaks on the long road to release.

The Flash's Full Movie Leaked on Twitter

The Flash Movie final battle

Just one week into the theatrical run of The Flash, the entire 2 hours, 24 minutes movie leaked on Twitter in reasonable quality - albeit through cam footage.

Although the leaked copy has now been removed from the platform, The Flash remained live on Twitter for a full eight hours before being taken down at 1 p.m. ET on Sunday, June 25, during which time it accumulated 1.7 million views.

It could be speculated the Twitter account that posted the leak - the now-suspended @BriYoshFR - may have strategically chosen to drop the movie in the early hours of Sunday to ensure maximum time for the studio to take it down.

The Super Mario Bros. Movie suffered the same fate of leaking onto Twitter when it released in April, potentially signaling an uptick in this taking place. 

These leaks became possible after Twitter CEO Elon Musk introduced increased video length and file size limits as a perk for Twitter Blue Subscribers, now allowing monthly members to post videos as long as two hours and as large as 8 GB.

The Flash's Big Twitter Leak Explained

Granted, piracy of the latest movies is no new thing for Hollywood, and there will always be a portion of the audience who opts to sacrifice experience, quality, and legality to watch a low-res version at home. 

However, these leaked movies are typically buried in some corner of the effort that takes a reasonable level of effort and knowledge to track down, instead of just finding a complete movie when scrolling through one's Twitter feed.

Obviously, as the leak was only live for a few short hours, it's unlikely many actually watched The Flash in full on Twitter, although some may have gone to the effort to download the video file to local storage for later viewing.

Nonetheless, The Flash making its way onto social media likely won't have much impact on the movie's box office, which, granted, is struggling anyway after it suffered the worst domestic drop-off in DC history

After a long train of leaks surrounding The Flash's biggest spoilers and cameos as its release neared, the DC blockbuster capping things off by leaking onto Twitter in full is only fitting in some unfortunate sense of the word.

The Flash is playing in theaters now.

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