Who Dies in The Flash Movie? Full List of Character Deaths

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The Flash featured the deaths of some major DC characters. But who are they, and what exactly happened to them?

Warning - This article contains major spoilers for The Flash.

The Flash already spoiled one of its deaths ahead of release, with director Andy Muschieti confirming in advance that Sasha Calle's Supergirl would die, however, he did hint how the Multiverse could still allow her to return.

Everyone Who Dies in DC's The Flash

Throughout the chaotic Multiversal events of The Flash, there were always bound to be casualties, with two Barry Allens, Michael Keaton's Batman, and Sasha Calle's Supergirl going toe-to-toe with both General Zod and Dark Flash.

Here are all six main characters (plus plenty of others) who died in The Flash.

1.) Nora Allen

The Flash, Nora Allen

Nora Allen's demise shouldn't be a huge surprise as she was already dead at the start of The Flash. At least, that was the case until Barry Allen went back in time to save his mother, thus setting the movie's Multiversal events in motion.

But eventually, Barry realized his mother's death was a necessary moment in the timeline, leading him to go back in time to undo his actions to prevent her death.

Exactly who killed Nora remains unclear after The Flash, but it came due to a stab wound to the chest. Although most adaptations portray the Reverse Flash as the one to kill Barry's mother, there was no implication of his involvement here.

2.) Michael Keaton’s Batman

The Flash, Michael Keaton Batman

After leading two solo movies of his own in the late '80s and early '90s, Michael Keaton's Batman returned for one last time in The Flash, but, unfortunately, met his demise not once but twice on-screen in the movie's climax.

The first came as he crashed the Batwing into General Zod's ship, and the second, after the two Barry Allens went back in time to undo those events, was after being wounded in a fight with one of the Kryptonian soldiers.

Based on prior reports, Keaton's Batman wasn't always meant to die in The Flash, as he was once set to appear in the ending and replace Ben Affleck as the main live-action Batman. He even filmed scenes for the now-canceled Batgirl movie.

3.) Supergirl

The Flash, Supergirl

Similarly to Michael Keaton's Batman, Supergirl lost her life twice during The Flash during the big climactic battle against General Zod, as the two Barry Allens went back in time to undo her death alongside that of the Dark Knight.

After confronting Zod in a moment of anger, Supergirl was impaled by the Kryptonian villain, leading to her death, with the second time playing out extremely similar to the first.

Taking on Supergirl and stealing her blood was the reason behind Zod's invasion of Earth in the first place, as it was infused with the Growth Codex which held the genetic makeup of all artificially incubated babies from Krypton.

4.) Baby Kal-El

The Flash, Baby Superman

Speaking of the Growth Codex, General Zod's mission to find Krypton's last hope may have landed him on Earth face-to-face with Kara Zor-El, but he first went looking for Kal-El, better known to most as Superman.

Both Kara Zor-El and Kal-El were sent from the apocalyptic Krypton in escape pods, with Supergirl being the one to make it to Earth in this timeline compared to the inverse in the original DCEU reality.

During his mission, Zod found the baby Superman, believing he was the one embedded with the Growth Codex when it was actually Supergirl. He killed him in the process, meaning Henry Cavill's Man of Steel never came to be in this world.

5.) Dark Flash

The Flash, Dark Flash

The villainous Dark Flash's presence looms over The Flash from the beginning since he knocked Barry Allen out of the Speed Force during his time travel endeavor, landing him in the life of his younger self.

By the end of The Flash, the Dark Flash was revealed to be the young Barry Allen after he spent many years frivolously traveling back in time to save Supergirl and Batman from their inevitable deaths.

Dark Flash ultimately died due to the sacrifice from the young Barry Allen, who jumped in front of the villain's blade, averting his creation and causing him to turn to dust as he was erased from time.

6.) Young Barry Allen

The Flash, Young Barry Allen

As previously stated, the young Barry Allen's death came in an act of sacrifice to stop the Dark Flash, who he otherwise would have gone on to become.

Fans got the chance to see the young Barry Allen get his speedster powers during The Flash, with him revealed to be 18 years old, studying in college, and living with several "friends" at the time of the movie.

BONUS.) Everyone On Keaton's Earth

A major point of The Flash's ending comes from the realization that the world occupied by Michael Keaton's Batman and Sasha Calle's Supergirl was doomed to be destroyed by General Zod and his inevitable victory.

No matter how many times Flash tried to undo the deaths of the two heroes, their deaths still happened, and General Zod came out on top. 

As the Man of Steel villain's plan culminated in terraforming Earth into a new Krypton, and he clearly came out victorious, it can be assumed all the inhabitants of that world were lost, including the entire cast of Keaton's Batman movies.

Do The Flash's Deaths Really Matter?

Looking at The Flash as a standalone movie in its own right, seeing so many major casualties came as quite a shock. But in the grand scheme of the larger DC world, these deaths were rather inconsequential, as all of them came from characters in alternative worlds who were unlikely to appear again anyway.

Perhaps the most unexpected death in The Flash came from Keaton's Batman, as, 30 years after he last appeared in Batman Returns, fans finally now know what happened to the classic Dark Knight and how his story ended.

With the Multiverse open and James Gunn's DCU expected to occupy a whole new world, there is always the possibility for these same actors to return as new versions of their characters, even with those from The Flash now dead.

Sasha Calle's Supergirl was once planned to lead her own spin-off movie which was ultimately left behind, but perhaps the actress may still have a shot at the leading role in the new Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow movie in Gunn's DCU.

The Flash hits theaters on Friday, June 16.

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