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The Flash highlighted a plethora of DC characters from start to finish, ranging from Ezra Miller's titular hero to Sasha Calle's Supergirl. 

Marketing for the DC movie teased a number of exciting cameos. The Flash director Andy Muschietti even spoiled a major appearance from a surprising former DC actor. 

Even besides the cameos, The Flash already has a stellar cast from the start with the regular players from the DCEU along with a couple of highly-touted Multiversal crossover actors.

The Flash Movie: 25 Confirmed Characters

With that being said, here are the 25 actors that appear in DC Studios' The Flash, along with the characters they play.

Warning - the rest of this article contains spoilers for The Flash.  

Barry Allen/The Flash (Ezra Miller)

Ezra Miller as Barry Allen

Barry Allen's decision to save his mom from dying served as the emotional anchor of the whole movie. Aside from being an expert in wielding the Speed Force, the titular hero's motivation to fix everything helped him learn to become a better hero while also managing to let go of the past. 

Young Barry Allen (Ezra Miller)

Ezra Miller as Barry Allen

In a surprising turn of events, a younger version of Barry Allen was featured prominently in the film, serving as an ally to the DCEU's Barry. However, due to his obsession with preventing death, this young Barry Allen ultimately became the Dark Flash (the movie's chief villain). 

Alfred Pennyworth (Jeremy Irons)

Jeremy Irons as Alfred Pennyworth

Jeremy Irons' Alfred Pennyworth made a brief appearance in The Flash's opening sequence, contacting Barry Allen about helping Batman and saving Gotham City. 

Superman (Henry Cavill)

The Flash

Although he is confirmed to be not returning as Superman anymore, The Flash still managed to feature Henry Cavill's Man of Steel in a cameo. The character's appearance came during the movie's opening when a TV showed footage of Cavill's Superman flying around a volcano and using his heat vision.

A CGI recreation of a shirtless Kal-El can also be seen during Barry's Chronobowl sequence as he runs back through time.

Patty Spivot (Saoirse-Monica Jackson)

Saoirse-Monica Jackson as Patty Spivot

Saoirse-Monica Jackson made her DC debut as Patty Spivot in The Flash. The character is one of Barry Allen's friends in his internship at the Central City Research Center. In the Arrowverse and in the comics, Patty is one of Barry's love interests.

Albert Desmond (Rudy Mancuso)

Rudy Mancuso as Albert Desmond

Alongside Patty Spivot, Rudy Mancuso's Albert Desmond is also one of Barry's friends at the Central City Research Center. In the Arrowverse, Albert Desmond was portrayed by Harry Potter alum Tom Felton and the character became part of Team Flash in Season 4. 

Bruce Wayne/Batman (Ben Affleck)

Ben Affleck as Batman

Ben Affleck only appeared as Bruce Wayne and Batman during The Flash's opening minutes. The character made his presence felt in the movie's action-packed introduction while also reminding Barry Allen about the dangers of time travel. 

Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot)

Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman jumped in to save Batman in The Flash's thrilling introduction. Sadly, Gal Gadot's brief appearance may have marked her last appearance in the DCEU as the franchise heads into a reboot under James Gunn and Peter Safran

Iris West (Kiersey Clemons)

Kiersey Clemons as Iris West

Kiersey Clemons' Iris West only had a minor yet significant role and her appearance was used to tease the future romance between her and Barry Allen. The movie also established that Barry and Iris are childhood friends. 

Henry Allen (Ron Livingson)

Ron Livingston as Henry Allen

Ron Livingston replaced Billy Crudup as Henry Allen in The Flash. At the start of the movie, Henry is imprisoned due to being framed for murdering his wife, Nora. However, Henry was ultimately given parole in the film's ending after CCTV footage proved that he was innocent.

Nora Allen (Maribel Verdú)

Nora Allen

Nora Allen is the main reason why Barry Allen decides to go back to the past, considering her death changed the life of the titular hero forever. Although she was alive in the movie's alternate timeline, Barry managed to let her go in an emotional sequence.

General Zod (Michael Shannon)

Michael Shannon as General Zoe

Thanks to time travel shenanigans, Michael Shannon returned as General Zod despite dying in 2013's Man of Steel. The character is one of the antagonistic forces in The Flash and he managed to "win" at the end of the film by killing Supergirl and taking the Codex to reform Earth as the new Krypton. 

Faora-Ul (Antje Traue)


Faora made her return in The Flash as one of the loyal allies and second-in-command of Michael Shannon's General Zod. 

Thomas Curry (Temuera Morrison)

Temuera Morrison as Thomas Curry

Thomas Curry briefly appeared in The Flash when Barry tries to find out if the remaining members of the Justice League are alive and well in the new timeline. 

Temuera Morrison's Aquaman character broke the news to Barry that Arthur Curry doesn't exist in this new world. Instead, Arthur is the name of his dog. 

Bruce Wayne/Batman (Michael Keaton)

Michael Keaton as Bruce Wayne

Michael Keaton's Bruce Wayne made his triumphant return in The Flash. Despite seemingly being retired, Bruce decided to suit up again and help the two Barry Allens and Supergirl to defeat General Zod. 

Unfortunately, Keaton's Bruce died during the final standoff against Zod and his army. 

Kara Zor-El/Supergirl (Sasha Calle)

Sasha Calle as Supergirl

Sasha Calle's Supergirl made her presence felt in The Flash as the lone Kryptonian ally of Earth. After the two Barry Allens and Batman managed to save Kara from being held captive in a Russian research site, Supergirl was unleashed as she stood toe to toe against Zod and his army. 

Similarly to Batman, Supergirl was eventually killed by Zod despite numerous attempts by the younger Barry to save her by traveling back in time.

Superman (George Reeves)

George Reeves as Superman

George Reeves' Superman briefly appeared during the Multiverse sequence of The Flash. The late actor portrayed Superman in the Adventures of Superman TV series from 1952-1958.

Superman (Christopher Reeve)

Christopher Reeve as Superman

The late Christopher Reeve also made an appearance as Superman in the movie. The actor is best known for portraying the Man of Steel in 1978's Superman and its three sequels. 

Supergirl (Helen Slater)

Helen Slater as Supergirl

Helen Slater's Supergirl appeared alongside Christopher Reeve's Superman during The Flash's trip across the Multiverse. Slater played Supergirl in the 1984 movie of the same name. 

Jay Garrick (Teddy Sears)

Teddy Sears as Jay Garrick

While many are expecting an appearance from Grant Gustin's Flash, the movie featured a different Arrowverse character instead. The brief sequence featured the return of Teddy Sears' Jay Garrick from The Flash Season 2. 

In the Arrowverse, Sears' Jay Garrick was ultimately revealed as Hunter Zolomon aka Zoom. 

Bruce Wayne/Batman (Adam West)

Adam West as Batman

Adam West's Batman also made his presence felt (though briefly) in The Flash. The actor first portrayed Batman in the 1960s ABC series and its 1966 theatrical feature film.

Superman (Nicolas Cage)

Nicolas Cage as Superman

In a stunning and surprising move, Nicolas Cage reprised his role as Superman in The Flash, with the character going up against a giant Spider before seeing the Multiverse collapsing on itself. 

Cage almost portrayed Superman back in the '90s in the Tim Burton-directed Superman Lives movie. 

Dark Flash (Ezra Miller)

Ezra Miller as Dark Flash

Dark Flash is the main villain of The Flash and he is actually the younger version of Barry Allen who became obsessed with preventing deaths to happen by traveling back in time. Dark Flash was eventually defeated in the end. 

Bruce Wayne/Batman (George Clooney)

George Clooney as Batman

Upon returning to his timeline and successfully helping his dad to receive parole, Barry meets Bruce Wayne, but he was surprised to learn that it was not Ben Affleck's version. 

Instead, Barry met George Clooney's billionaire playboy, leaving fans to speculate if he ended up in a different universe again. 

Clooney portrayed Batman in Joel Schumacher's Batman & Robin in 1997. 

Arthur Curry/Aquaman (Jason Momoa) 

Jason Momoa as Arthur Curry

Jason Momoa appeared as Arthur Curry in The Flash's post-credits scene, showing him and Barry going out of a bar after a heavy night of drinking. 

Barry tells Aquaman that it appears that he has seemingly jumped to multiple timelines and, while every Bruce Wayne/Batman is different, Aquaman seems to be the same in almost every world.

The scene established that Momoa is still Aquaman in this new world despite George Clooney's Bruce Wayne as its new Batman.

The Flash is now playing in theaters worldwide. 

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