The Flash: Kiersey Clemons Reveals Why Filming the Movie Was 'Weird'

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Kiersey Clemons, The Flash

Warner Bros. is looking forward to 2022 to bring some major expansion to the oft-troubled DC Extended Universe, with four blockbuster films coming to theaters over the next 13 months. Included in that is Ezra Miller's and Kiersey Clemons' The Flash, which faced more delays than any of its companions before finally getting off the ground this year and completing principal photography a couple of months ago.

The Flash is already looking like one of the DCEU's most ambitious projects to date as it opens the franchise's Multiverse for the first time while bringing in unexpected faces. Michael Keaton and Ben Affleck are both set to play their versions of Bruce Wayne in this film, which will also introduce Sasha Calle's Supergirl and possibly more.

Also included in the cast is Kiersey Clemons, who has been through her own wild ride in regards to being a part of the movie at all. Recently, she looked back on her own journey with The Flash and explained some of what's made it such a strange experience.

Kiersey Clemons on Filming The Flash

Flash Movie Keirsey Clemons

The Flash actress Kiersey Clemons spoke with Discussing Film about finally shooting the movie and how her experience with it has been.

After waiting for so many years to get the project underway, Clemons admitted that it "didn't feel real" the entire time filming was happening. With such a long timeframe from the film first being announced to shooting actually taking place, she described the experience as "a discovery" of what everything was supposed to be:

"It didn’t feel real. None of it. From the day I started to the day that I wrapped. Because we waited so long that I was like, “I’m not really here right now.” It felt very– it felt weird. I’m not gonna lie. It felt weird because it’s been a long time. Yeah. Iris has grown up and is a different version than what I may have had an idea of who she would be. It was just a discovery and it was really exciting."

Clemons expanded on this idea by admitting that she's more excited about the people she's working with rather than the actual movie itself, particularly with The Flash being a big superhero film:

"Honestly, it’s been so long. I initially came on to the movie excited to work with who was the director at the time, but also excited to be in a superhero movie. Now, it’s less about the movie. I’m excited for Andy, who’s our director now, but now it’s more so, I’m excited for the people who are excited, and who have been commenting on my photos “Iris West” for five years. Like, are you joking? This is for them."

Although Clemons is quite busy with filming and working on other projects, she tries to keep up with what fans are saying on Twitter to feel connected with the project and the fan base:

"Well, I’m not gonna lie. I’ve been filming and I’m a little distant from my phone when I’m filming. But it’s always there. I always feel it. And I’m not gonna lie. Sometimes I check in to see what people are saying on Twitter because it makes me feel good."

The Flash - A Long Time Coming for Clemons

Of all the DCEU films that were initially announced for Warner Bros. in 2014, none of them have faced more issues than The Flash, which still hasn't released in theaters. Initially meant to debut in April 2018, the film had multiple directors leave the project before Andy Muschietti took the job, and that was before the pandemic and more.

Clemons was attached to star in the movie as Iris West when the project was officially confirmed, although she left for a time during the game of musical chairs with directing duties. She also found her way into Zack Snyder's Justice League even after her role was cut in Joss Whedon's 2017 Justice League, and she's now officially back playing the role she was meant to play all along.

Her feelings about this movie make plenty of sense considering it took nearly seven years to get the cast and crew together and begin shooting. Some of that footage came to light in The Flash's DC FanDome presentation from October 2021, finally cementing its status as a movie that's really happening for many fans and cast members alike.

Now, with just under a year until the movie releases in theaters, it seems that Clemons can finally let it sink in that this DCEU movie is actually a reality.

The Flash will debut in theaters on November 4, 2022.

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