The Flash Movie: New Set Video Reveals Mo-Cap Suit For Ezra Miller's Barry Allen

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After spending most of the last decade in various stages of development, Warner Bros. is fully underway with filming for Ezra Miller's solo movie The Flash for the DC Extended Universe.

This solo movie is taking the DCEU's overarching narrative to new levels of craziness by featuring a host of the series' best heroes alongside the Scarlet Speedster. With the introduction of Sasha Calle's Supergirl as well as Michael Keaton's 1989 Batman, the DC multiverse will be explored for the first time in one of the wildest origin stories ever developed.

Miller's Barry Allen will lead the way through this endeavor with excitement building to finally see the Flash take on his first solo fight away from the rest of the Justice League.

However, while set photos have showcased exciting looks at the costumes for other heroes, Miller has only been seen in street clothes from what has been filmed so far.

That changes with the latest leak surrounding The Flash, which showcases an updated outfit that Warner Bros. is putting to use.



Instagram user @dcmarvel.rdm shared a video from the set of Warner Bros.' The Flash with an unidentified actor wearing a motion-capture suit for Barry Allen.

It's unclear whether this is actor Ezra Miller or a stunt double, although the clip features the suit's helmet and boots with the rest being an outfit that will be filled in later with CGI.

The video can be seen in the Tweet below:



Modern-day superhero movies have utilized CGI for plenty of suits over the past decade, especially as the technology off-screen and the outfits on-screen make serious advancements in look and functionality. Even so, it's curious to see Warner Bros.' using this for at least some of the footage with Ezra Miller's speedy hero.

While CGI is certainly needed to make Miller run at super-speeds, there is no telling what exactly the movie plans to do with Barry's suit while he's using his powers. The mo-cap suit may help make it easier to bring the lightning surrounding him to life, although there's a chance that there are more abilities that the character hasn't displayed on-screen yet.

With nearly a year and a half until The Flash makes its way to theaters, the mo-cap suit from the movie's set will build another level of curiosity toward what the final result will actually showcase from Barry Allen. Considering how many story details are still a mystery, Warner Bros. will have plenty of ammo with which to tease fans once work on The Flash is complete.

The Flash will premiere in theaters on November 4, 2022.

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