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The Flash Movie: Best Look Yet at Supergirl's Costume Revealed

Supergirl Flash Movie
By Tom Drew

Despite being the Scarlet Speedster’s first solo outing on the big screen, The Flash is set to bring together some of the DC universe’s heavy-hitters to join Barry Allen on his adventures.

Two past Dark Knights will share the screen, with Ben Affleck returning as the DCEU’s mainline Bruce Wayne and Michael Keaton reprising his role from the Tim Burton-directed films. The latter has already been spotted on set, in fact, joining Barry Allen and Supergirl in a peculiar scene outside a courtroom.

Speaking of the Kryptonian hero, Sasha Calle will be portraying the on-screen version of Kara Zor-El and is sporting a costume heavily inspired by that of her cousin's. 

After Calle was previously seen hovering above the set in London, fans have now gotten their best look at yet at Supergirl’s DCEU costume…


As shared by Twitter user @theriseofgrande, new set photos have emerged of Sasha Calle suited up as Supergirl during filming for The Flash.

The actress can be seen held up with wires to simulate Kara Zor-El's flight, with her costume heavily drawing from Henry Cavill's Superman while featuring more predominant red accents on the upper torso and arms:

The suit's bracers and panel lining have a similar design and texture to that of Kal-El's:



After being teased by the director and eagle-eyed on-goers recording footage from afar, fans have finally received an up-close look at Supergirl's DCEU look. This rendition seems to be a natural evolution from Kal-El's suit, maintaining the core of its design whilst highlighting certain elements to keep Kara Zor-El's suit distinct.

The red makes for a striking first impression, which should be emboldened once her cape is added in later during post-production. The logo created for Man of Steel returns as well, though it slightly differs at the curl of the S's tail. This is likely to keep the House of El and the House of Zor-El separate in the DCEU despite them being closely related.

It seems that the costume will require the use of CGI to hide a few of the suit's imperfections, such as the creasing when the fabric is stretched and the audio pack visible from the back. Nevertheless, the suit is an excellent base to build on, so it is certain to impress once fans get to see it brought to life on the silver screen.

The Flash will formally introduce Supergirl to the DCEU when it races into cinemas on November 4, 2022.

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