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The Flash Movie's Supergirl Costume Receives First Look From Director

Flash Supergirl
By Pierre Chanliau

Fans were shocked when they learned that The Young and the Restless actress Sasha Calle was cast as the DC Universe's Supergirl who will make her debut in Ezra Miller’s The Flash.

Reportedly over 400 actresses auditioned for the role, making it fairly obvious that Calle would likely be sticking around after The Flash if they made such an effort to find her. She could be the newest Kryptonian in the DC Universe with Henry Cavill’s future in the franchise uncertain.

The Flash finally began filming in April, but little has been leaked to fans aside from filming on what is presumably Wayne Manor.

However, director Andy Muschietti has certainly been a fan of posting images of the heroes' emblems, such as a bloody look at Michael Keaton's Batman symbol and a sneak peek at Ezra Miller’s new Flash costume.

He has continued this trend by teasing another costume, this time for Supergirl.


Similar to the reveal of Barry Allen's Flash costume by director Andy Muschietti, he has now done the same for a Superman-esque costume for Sasha Calle's Supergirl.

Flash Supergirl Costume



One instantly noticeable aspect about Supergirl's emblem is that it's almost identical to Henry Cavill's Superman, which actually has a lot of potential implications. It would be odd for Calle's Supergirl to be from Burton's Batman universe, considering the design sensibilities match more closely to director Zack Snyder's design for the Man of Tomorrow.

In one interview, when asked about other Kryptonians being on Earth besides Kal-El, Snyder mentioned the empty pod Clark found in Man of Steel, something that many fans had assumed belonged to Kara Zor-El. It's possible that The Flash will pick up on this idea from Snyder by having Calle's Supergirl finally revealing herself and taking after her cousin.

As for the costume itself, not much can be gleaned from it aside from the similarity of the Supergirl emblem to Snyder's Superman's, but the top part of the costume seems to be mostly red. Hopefully, fans will soon get to see more of these costumes aside from the logos.

The Flash is currently scheduled to release in theaters on November 4, 2022.

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